Yahya Farid- a Musician at Night and a Lawyer by Day

From the age of 13 Yahya took on to music as sunflower takes to the sun. He first realized it when his parents showed support by him his first acoustic guitar and by the touch of its cords he felt the electric sensation pass through his body leaving him a new boy. And even today the feeling remains the same with the release his latest album Mein Bolun.


The collection, "Mein Bolun" is Yahya's work as an author, lyricist and artist. The collection took ten years for finish and Yahya during these times stayed devoted and focused on music paying little mind to every one of the tumults and downs music industry of Pakistan confronted. His folks were profoundly supporting continually giving him a chance to seek after his enthusiasm for music.

Immensely inspired by Ali Noor Yahya followed his path his music creation and vocals. Upon hearing Yahya’s voice the very first thought that crossed my mind was that “This young man is only lip singing… his heart is uttering the actual sound”. Yahya has this youth attached illuminating from his voice and his lyrics really touch you to the core of your heart. Give it a try and listen to one of his songs ‘Kabhi’ right here.


At 16 years old, he shaped a band with his school colleagues and called it Xile (Exile). The band would soon turn into a school sensation and concede him the principal chance to go on the stage and sing his heart out. Afterward, Yahya went to LUMS for his graduate school and shaped a band called XXI (21the band). Their first melody delivered by Ali Mustafa (Producer of Ali Zafar) was Dil Ki Baatein. 21's snapshot of high was the point at which the band was picked by Ufone for their extremely popular show Uth Records. Before long the band would discharge Chalo Utho including Ali Hamza from Noori and Taimur Rehman from Laal. Chalo Utho was a tribute to surge alleviation endeavors of understudies all over Pakistan. The tune eradicated the teenager shake picture of the band and they were perceived as the new up and coming impression of Pakistani Music.

In era of music such as nowadays when artists have drained up of original ideas and the trend of recreating old classics and hits, Yahya enlivened the music spirit by creating an album which was solely original and pure. All the tracks contained within Mein Bolun are as authentic as the green in the grass can be. Mein Bolun is the product of Yahya’s hard work and devotion.


The collection was released not long ago and has been named as the best thing to turn out in Pakistani Music after a long break of 10 years. The collection has differing subject and the tunes are unadulterated, crude and melodic. Makers and Musicians like Ali Hamza (Vocalist of Noori), Ali Mustafa (maker of Ali Zafar), Gumby and Ahad Nayani (Drummers of Coke Studio), Taimur Rehman (Front man of Laal), Adeel (Guitarist of Strings), Shahan (Guitarist of Roxen) have all been a piece of the collection. The collection sounds new but then likewise makes one feel of nostalgic of the colossal musical gangs of Pakistan.

What is even more interesting is that Yahya is not only a musician/singer. But he is also a legal adviser at PEMRA!!!! A previous graduate from LUMS Yahya also teaches Law a local Islamabad University. Yahya’s unbelievable passion is an example to our youth that your plate is never too full. You can pursue a career as well as your passion and you can excel and love both at the same time!


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