5 steps to being able to speak in public with confidence

Public speaking should be defined as what you make of it. Whether it is speaking in front of 500 people in a hall or standing up in front of 8 people in your class, they both take the same amount of skill and can be easily achieved by anyone.

The fear of speaking in public is something shared with 3 out of 4 people or 75% of individuals. Imagine how drastically these numbers could be reduced and how peoples attitude towards public performance could change by following a few simple steps.

Step 1:

Be passionate

Naturally, if you feel passionate for a topic, you will be able to talk about it much more calmly than something you don’t feel passionately for. If you are in a position where you have to talk about something which isn’t your choice, do your best to find links and understand it to your full potential. 

Step 2:

Speak clearly


As strange as it seems, if you are able to speak clearly to an audience, it will organically create a more captivating speech for people to listen to. Even if you don’t feel confident in the details of the speech, if you are able to present the speech with confidence, you can easily fool the audience into making them think your speech more intriguing than it actually is.

Step 3:

Remember that practice makes perfect


If you feel no passion for a topic, then your best choice is to practice the speech constantly until you know it inside out. The benefit of practicing it is that it will allow you to become more comfortable with yourself speaking and find your own ways to learn the speech. Even if you practice it 10 times, do it again. I have found what helps best is to verbally recite it and even rewrite it once or twice: this will guarantee that you know the speech perfectly! 

Step 4:

Be prepared to improvise


Mistakes can always happen and something can go wrong. Always prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Prepare yourself in case you miss a line out, in case someone sneezes, anything and everything is possible to happen so to avoid surprises, prepare yourself for everything. Try your best to show the audience that you aren’t messing up, if you miss a line, don’t try and read it again, just move along and read the next part.

Step 5:

Make eye contact

If you look your audience in the eyes, it will create a vast amount of intrigue for them. They will feel as if you are talking to them as opposed to talking at them. If you’re afraid of looking people straight in the eyes, look directly at the back of the room; it will create the illusion that you are looking at the audience and have a similar effect.

Most of all try and enjoy the moment and don’t stress about it, the more you stress, the more likely you are to mess up in front of everyone. Good Luck!


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