A Bridal Affair

In Pakistani culture a wedding is not simply a one day affair rather it is a whole month of wedding festivities and celebrationsbeautifully entwined with an array of emotions. Mehendi, mayun, shadi, valima are just the major events to name. Pre and post these events a lot of other celebrations take place.

Everything has to be on its A-game when a wedding is considered. From something as large as a banquet to something as small asmehendi design, everything is planned to the tiniest detail but what takes up the most time is getting that perfect bridal look.This life turning event marks as the biggest day in any couples’ life but more so for the bride as she is supposed to look the most alluring on this day (the pressure is REAL). A bride takes all the limelight when it comes to any wedding and it is the bridal dress that grabs the most attention.

Pishwas, lenenga, ghagra choli, sharara and what not; while as a brideyou may have a wide range of cuts to choose from, it is important to keep in mind the bridal trends of the season or you might end up grabbing way too much attention and not in a positive feel good way. So let’s just jump right into what’s in this year’s bridal scene and what’s not.

Shorter Hemline:

The hemline is definitely shorter in 2017 so, no more floor length shirts for the brides getting married this year, you might want to keep the possibility of shifting the wedding date open. But if you’re really big on floor lengths then you might just be in luck because bridal gowns are trending like anything this year. Moreover, gharas (two legs, in case you are confused) have made a huge comeback this year so go for it if you want a classical, timeless vibe.

Reds or Pastels:

Colours in a Pakistani wedding are usually related with the event; bright and happy for mehendi and mayun, reds for the wedding day and lighter colours for valima. This is still pretty much the scene this year, too. But as far as the wedding day is concerned a divide can be seen between the traditional reds and pastels. So, if you are planning on a summer wedding and want to wear something lighter on the eyes you can opt for pastels.


Modern Chic or Timeless Classic:

Florals this year are not limited to lawn prints only, a lot of designers have incorporated florals beautifully with bridal dresses and if you want to add a little more refreshing, summery element to your bridal dress you can totally go for it for a chic bridal look.


But if you want to keep it classic, go for the timeless Mughal era look trending this season. You can achieve that look by opting for deep reds with dust gold embroidery paired with mathapatti and large nose ring.


This season is all about sparkling in golden and silver embroidery with gota, dabka and tilla work infused with crystals and stones.

Remember, it is always a good idea to have the bigger picture of what is popular in mind but what worked for your father’s aunt’s daughter on her wedding day might not work for you. There are no strict rules so, bend them wherever the need be. If the rule says shorter hemline, go for shorter hemline by all means but it is up to you how short you want it according to what suits you and no fashion police will judge you on carrying what you look good in.


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