A Heart to Heart Conversation with the Dynamic Jamshed Inam

Jamshed Inam is the CEO of Effective Business Solution besides being the founder of Yolo e-mag. Mr. Inam is a British alumnus of the University of Hull and is considered to be one of the HR luminaries nationwide. He began his career in 1997 and had the privilege of traveling extensively around the world as an HR professional. His career spans a little over two decades as he has worked for 16 years in PTC (Pakistan Tobacco Company) and for one year in PTCL as General Manager before eventually starting his own company EBS. Mr. Inam has been working as an entrepreneur for the past 4 years, in total he has 21 years of work experience as an HR professional. Recently team YOLO had the honor of having a heart to heart conversation with the dynamic Mr. Jamshed Inam.
How did Yolo e-mag come into existence?
Well in 2016 we came up with the idea of creating a personal development activity for the youth since today’s youth is facing entirely unique challenges. Considering the fact that our youth has a relish for entertainment we thought of blending entertainment with their personal and professional development. The fact that most of our population is still under the age of 30 gave us the impetus to carry out talk series and fit for future conferences. All in all every area of Yolo Portal is focused on the professional development of the youth so that we can become a progressive nation.
Since Yolo e-mag is a nonprofit initiative and is solely meant for youth development have you received any financial assistance from military or government?
We have great hope and expectations therefore we have been writing continuously to the sitting PM ever since he has set his foot in the office. In addition to this we have consistently been writing to the Army Chief as we have our hands folded. We realize the fact that people in power are extremely busy but we still expect a reply from the honorable PM. However we fail to realize why the government despite having a vision for creating 10 million jobs is ignoring the development of the youth. Western world considers their youth as a golden opportunity however if our youth is not provided the required opportunities we will face a chaotic situation in future.
Since you are an entrepreneur what are your views regarding the current government’s promise of creating 10 million jobs?
As an HR professional it appears to me that creating 5 jobs and restructuring an organization seems to be a tedious goal. Model planning and implementation of strategy seems to be missing from the current government’s plan. The first two years are very critical for the present government concerning the fulfillment of its promise of creating 10 million jobs. The government seems to be lacking a solid framework besides having no specific model. The best thing regarding the present government is that people consider Imran khan incorruptible for the most part. Efforts have been made to bring back the British Airways to Pakistan which would definitely create jobs. However, equal opportunities need to be created for everyone besides setting the same parameters for all. The society at large needs to be educated so that attitudes can change for good.

Are you satisfied with the current government’s first 100 days performance?
I believe that the present government has a team of professionals but it still needs to set a committee comprising of corporate professionals. The government should initiate a paid internship program and make it mandatory for all organizations. There is a need to initiate open debates on how the government would actually create10 million new jobs. These debates should include corporate professionals so that they can challenge the present government’s strategy besides giving their input.
As the year comes to a close do you have any New Year Resolution?
Most of us usually make a New Year resolution based on our personal goals such as losing weight and following a fitness regimen. I believe instead of making personal resolutions we should set goals based on the fact that we are responsible citizens of a global community. We can make a positive impact by working in our own capacity such as picking liter in front of our house or by educating a bunch of individuals. We should do something good that can make a positive impact on the planet earth instead of just setting personal goals that only benefit us.

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