A Sad Man Who Made the World Laugh

Charlie Chaplin was a man dressed in baggy pants, cutaway coat and a derby hat, who left the 20th century world laughing through his funny act. He made people laugh at a time when the darkness of war and depression was all around. Chaplin added smile to faces through his silent comedy. He was the reason for filling many lives with joy but his actual life was deprived of any happiness. A man who made others happy lived a life full of tragedies.
A Rough Childhood
Charlie Chaplin was born in London on 16th April, 1889. During his early years, his alcoholic father abandoned the family. His mother was a singer and lived most of her life in and out of mental hospitals. She was a singer and earned her bread by doing shows in London. When Charlie was five, his mother lost her voice mid-way of a show. The producers of the show pushed Chaplin in place of his mother. Chaplin allured the audience through his performance. After that show, Chaplin decided to settle in London to earn money for the family as his mother had completely lost her voice.
Fame and Scandals
Charlie’s career took a descent start and escalated quickly to the top. Soon, he was famous and rich. After earning enough money he opened his own studio. His professional life was doing well but his private life created a lot of trouble for him. Charlie was famous for his on-going affairs with numerous actresses who starred in his films. His married life was also an unhappy one. His first three marriages were unsuccessful but his later marriage settled for a happy one.
Banned in His Own Country
Charlie was heavily criticized, because of his affairs and political views. Charlie Chaplin always spoke his heart out but his views were not appreciated by many. He soon became a target for the right-wing conservatives. Representative John E. Rankin of Mississippi wanted him to be banned from entering United States. In 1952, the U.S Attorney General announced that Charlie Chaplin, who was sailing to Britain, would not be allowed to return to the United States. So, Chaplin settled in Switzerland for the rest of his life.
His Return in His Final Years
Charlie was allowed to visit U.S just a few years before his death. He was awarded Academy Award. He also paid a visit to United Kingdom where he was knighted by the Queen Elizabeth. Charlie died in the early morning hours of December 25, 1977. He was buried in the same place where he died in Switzerland.


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