A Tribute to All Fathers

Father’s Day

He’s a man who assembled a tree house and stayed composed on a difficult day, a man who always defended us, who believed in us, who taught us to be tough and acts brave when giving his daughter away. Only one person could do this – a father. There are heaps of clear motivations to value for him. Which millions of people around the world will do today on, Father's Day.

Father’s Day is a celebration of the bond shared by a man and his offspring’s, which obliviously isn’t enough to commemorate this auspicious day with our fathers. The sacrifices our father makes are beyond comprehension to a child’s mind, therefore this one day gives people a chance to; solely remember him, think back on all that he has done and sacrificed and just appreciate him. A day is not enough to recognize everything that our beloved dads have done for us but it is definitely an opportunity. This day is not only about giving your father a gift or two, it is about recognizing his strengths and admiring that it is because of everything he did that we are living peacefully in our homes today. This day is about recognizing our father’s weaknesses and promising him that we will be there to support him when he needs us just as he did for us.

Father's Day is praised on the third Sunday of June. The Rutgers WPF propelled a battle titled 'Greening Pakistan-Promoting Responsible Fatherhood' on Father's Day all across Pakistan to advance dynamic parenthood and obligation regarding the care and childhood of children.

Each year I try to bring myself to tell my father how I feel about him and about all the things that he has done for me. Each year I try to bring myself to tell him how thankful I am to him. And each year I fail to do so… because no matter what I say or do will never be enough to express my emotions. He has done so much… but this year I write this article to honor him and all the fathers out there.

Thank you, dad for the time when you held my heart while another man broke it. When I cried resting my head on your chest and you tried to hide your tears for I know that pain caused your pain.

Thank you, for putting my needs before yours. I remember the time when you had the opportunity to go mountaineering on the world’s highest peak but you stayed back because I wanted to take a trip with my friends. I know how much you love mountains.

Thank you, for being the man I always dream of. You are the one man to whom I compare others with. You have set my standards too high.

Thank you, for teaching me how to feel like a princess when we had nothing and for making me regard others when we had everything.

Thank you, for making me stronger and independent. You taught me how nothing mattered and how nobody’s judgement and opinion mattered as long as I knew I was on the right path.

Thank you, for protecting me and for fighting the world for me.

I know you worry about aging and you worry for my sake… but I just want you to remember, that I am your child. I have seen your strengths and if I am lucky enough I might have inherited them too.

Thank you, for being my father.

Here’s to all the fathers out there; they are the reason that we smile and walk proud and safe today on this earth. Even all the fathers watching from above, we thank them for shedding their light on us and for continuing to protect us during every difficult moment. Fathers are truly irreplaceable. They are our true heroes!

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