Remembering the life and career of an outstanding Actor

Some people don’t dream about success but work for it. Likewise legendary actor, director and producer Abid Ali owing to his hard work and dedication gained immense popularity as an actor. Abid Ali was born on 17th March 1952 in Quetta and spent his early life and adolescence there until finally moving to Lahore. It was 1969 when Atta Shad who was a literary giant and a famous radio personality realized that Abid Ali had a pleasant voice suitable for radio presentation. Atta Shad was Abid Ali’s uncle who had come to accompany his nephew who was getting enrolled in college. Listening to Atta Shad’s advice Abid Ali joined Quetta Radio where he came across some of the best radio personalities of that time. Initially he had to work very hard on his strong Baluchi accent but after making a lot of effort he developed a powerful voice. In 1974 PTV Quetta center came into existence however by that time Abid Ali had already moved to Lahore and had joined PTV Lahore center. Abid Ali began his acting career with the famous television drama Jhok Sayal. His future wife Humera Ali was also introduced to the television audiences in the same drama. Abid Ali gave many television hits including Ahsas, Uran and Andhera Ujala however dramas such as Waris and Samadar gained him unprecedented popularity. One of his all-time favorite dramas was Samandar which gained him immense popularity as Ahmed Kamal. This drama got critically acclaimed   to the extent that four Indian films were heavily inspired from it. One of the Indian films heavily borrowed from Samandar starred Dilip Kumar in the same role earlier played by Abid Ali. Later Dilip Kumar in an interview revealed that he had watched the video of the drama before, after and during the release of his film. Furthermore, Mr. Kumar also appreciated Abid Ali for his unmatchable acting skills by stating that he had not even matched 10% of Abid’s performance. After gaining tremendous fame as a television actor Abid Ali worked in many films and was highly appreciated by the audiences. Abid Ali had proved his mettle in all mediums of entertainment such as radio, television, theater and film by equally fascinating the audiences.   Later he became a television producer and gave many hit TV plays such as Dooriyan, Doosra Asman, Mein Bani Dulhan and Saheli. During his long acting career he received many awards including the Pride of Performance in 1985. Abid Ali got married to actress Humera Ali and was blessed with three daughters Maryam Ali, Iman Ali and Rahma Ali. Following the footsteps of their father two of his daughters Iman Ali and Rahma Ali also joined the entertainment industry and became household names. Abid Ali got married for a second time on 25th January 2006 to actress Rabia Noreen and lived happily thereafter. He was still involved in many TV projects until his heath began to deteriorate owing to liver dysfunction. Abid Ali passed away on 5th September 2019 in Karachi in a local hospital. He was a man with multiple skills such as storytelling, writing, painting and acting. He shall always be remembered as a true gem of the society.

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