As I sip coffee in my office at 9pm, I often have flashbacks to when sitting in a classroom till 5 used to feel like – yes, a massive pain- the time when, I  had no  idea where I was going with my life. The constant feeling that I was headed in no real direction whereas my friends seemed to have it all figured out made me feel purposeless in life I was desperately looking for that “key ingredient” that everyone else had. I remember desperately waiting for the latest issueof US magazine back in the day, eagerly asking baba where he had plopped down the newspaper. I’d then scurry away to my room with a glass of lemonade for what would be my most memorable afternoons.

I’d scour through the pages every day until I could read them from almost memory. Then as soon as the issue would start to eat dust, the next one would arrive and my afternoons would light up again. As I grew up and the giant that was the internet would consume not only the world but even my sacred retreat into my former respite from the hustle and bustle of life. For me, everything changed.

One day I was cleaning under my bed when I found a tattered dusted  issue of US magazine and suddenly  an idea came to me: Why does the existence of the internet mean that youngsters of the modern age are deprived of the experiences that I had in my own childhood? In fact, now with the power of the internet in my hands, why couldn’t something bigger and better exist? If the sky is the limit then it was time to shoot for the moon.

Now let’s fast forward to  today: The launch of YOLO e-magazine. It’s the same as watching the reboot of Samurai Jack or Jurassic Park, only it’s almost 2 decades later: Everything feels bigger and grander yet, has the same humble aroma of nostalgic familiarity.

YOLO is an absolute rehash that attempts to breathe a new life into a dying trend – Magazines. Can one truly blame the youngsters of today? After all, why go through the effort of acquiring a few pages when one has the world at their fingertips? Queue the concept of an e-mag and suddenly, the medium is breathing a new life again – Free from the classic limitation of pages. The magazine is now alive. With music playing in the background, embedded videos, gifs, moving pictures; It is literally your favorite black and white childhood movie remade in rich colorful 3D.

YOLO has a bit of everything for everyone; Are you a foodie? Are you obsessed with music? Would you rather blot out the small talk and instead discuss the perils of modern society? Are you more interested in just what’s happening around rather than why it’s happening? For every nature of question or topic out there, YOLO answers a loud resounding “YES. We have just the thing for you”

I think it’s only fair that after all this hype I’ve built up, we let  YOLO do the talking itself and let you be the judge yourself. We are hoping that you use this platform to grow into the best version of yourself and that you have as much fun reading it as we had making it.

Noor us Sabah
Chief Editor