Starting over again even when it feels too late  

History refers to Afghanistan as the graveyard of empires. Therefore after fighting a long inconclusive war in Afghanistan the United States has decided to withdraw its troops. The idea of pulling out the U.S troops from Afghanistan is not new since it has been an old desire to quit this endless fight.  Some political scientists have compared the resurgence of asymmetric warfare with cancer therefore it is really difficult to cure and heal a society of insurgents. Ending asymmetric warfare can be next to impossible. One of the biggest problems in asymmetric warfare is that sophisticated armies fight weaker groups and it is difficult to distinguish between insurgents and civilians. Therefore, armies find hard to track insurgents and run a high risk of killing innocent people and in deliberately fueling more insurgency. Therefore, the United States wants to start over again even when it feels too late by pulling out Afghanistan and securing its taxpayer’s money.  The U.S troops have started withdrawing after the ceasefire now Taliban cover more territory in Afghanistan then it did in 2001. Former U.S president Donald Trump had dubbed the insurgency in Afghanistan as an endless war from combatting Taliban to rebuilding the country. The U.S and Taliban peace deal rests on Taliban’s commitment to not to use the Afghan soil against the U.S and its allies. In light of this peace deal Taliban’s fidelity to United States demand is the determining factor of American exit from Afghanistan.  However, any intelligent mind would question that since insurgency is bound to reoccur then why the United States wants to quit Afghanistan.  Perhaps the answer is that the United States is in a quagmire and once it leaves Afghanistan there would be risk of global terrorism. However, the United States is now trying to avert its attention from the consequences of its exit from Afghanistan on regional and global peace. In 2019 an article titled at war with truth revealed that high ranking U.S officials despite knowing that the Afghan war was endless misled the American public.  The U.S invasion in Afghanistan has created a political climate in the country which demands U.S military and support.  Therefore, from a political standpoint the United States is perhaps trying to start things all over again.  Just like an individual who feels stuck and wants to start over again in life even if it feels too late. The United States also wants an escape from the endless Afghan war.  However, finding an escape from the Afghan quagmire is not impossible for the United States.  Nevertheless, the question is would the Afghan people be able to start over again and make the best of the new circumstances the will face.  The answer is probably no since in 2012 only 37% of the Afghans were living under the poverty line but now over half of the population does. The U.S invasion of Afghanistan has killed ten thousands of Afghan people while millions have fled the country. The Taliban have not only perpetrated countless human rights against the Afghan people but have also deprived the country from resources to rebuild its infrastructure.  Therefore, many Afghan people are skeptical of the U.S decision to quit Afghanistan in the coming months.  However, the recent capture of the country by Taliban could potentially delay the U.S exit from Afghanistan.  Therefore it seems like the U.S is trying to avoid the responsibility of the consequences of its invasion since the Afghans cannot start over again.

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