An Unforgettable Conversation with the Remarkable Rezz Aly Shah

The growing market for event management business suggests that it is one of thriving businesses these days. According to an estimate ,event mangers would increase by one third in the next decade as many people aspire to become event managers. However, when it comes to event management and PR in Pakistan, Rezz Aly Shah needs no introduction. His sophistication, style and commitment make him an admirable and one of the most sought after personalities in the business of event management and PR. Team Yolo recently had the opportunity to have an unforgettable conversation with the remarkable Rezz Aly Shah.  This is what he has to say to our readers.

Tell us briefly about your educational background?

 I have done my BA, LLB and MBA in Marketing.

What brought you into event management? Was your family supportive? My dad wanted me to be in civil Service as he was a senior Police Officer himself, but sadly my interest was always in Fashion and Art. Yes my mom’s been very supportive. Sadly dad was not there to see me prosper as he passed away 20 years back.

Have you ever been criticized for your work? How do you deal with criticism?

It is a part of life as well as work that you come across all kinds of people. There are people who like you, similarly there are people who don’t like you.  One can’t make the whole world happy as it is not possible. I take anything that comes, positively. My job is to give my 100% and if my client is happy, that’s what matters.

           How do you relax?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to relax; I have a contented life, in between work, family life and daily errands I hardly get time for leisure.

Any plans of expanding your work to other cities? How many events you have organized so far?

As I am basically a Fashion Director; I have directed shows since 2004 onwards.  I have done shows across Pakistan in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. I have even done shows in Dubai.  I have organized so many shows and red carpet events that I have even lost track of the actual number of shows.

Do you socialize with friends? Who are your friends from the fashion industry?

I mostly get along with people well. My circle of friends comprises a mix bag of people including old and new friends. Some are from the industry while others are not.

Any message for YOLO readers.

My Best wishes to YOLO ,may you guys prosper and shine always.  Much Love




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