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The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is an interesting film written and directed by Joe Talbot starring Jimmie Fails, Jonthan Majors and Danny Glover.  The story of the film is partly based on Jimmie’s own life making it highly intriguing for the audiences. The plot of the film centers on the struggle of an African American man to reclaim his childhood home (Victorian house) built by his grandfather in the Fillmore district.  This interesting film is scheduled to release on 7th June 2019.

 News from Space

 Discovering How Exotic Matter Acts in the Sun’s Atmosphere

Scientists from Ireland and France have recently announced their new discovery on how matter acts in extreme conditions in the Sun’s atmosphere. The scientists placed large telescopes and ultraviolent cameras on a NASA spacecraft to understand the fourth state of matter called Plasma. Most part of the universe including the Sun is composed of Plasma which is a highly unstable and electrically charged fluid. It is believed that this new finding will help in building safe, clean and efficient nuclear generators on earth.  The plasma despite being the most common form of matter in the Universe remains a mystery owing its shortage in natural conditions on earth.


Peculiar News


Could These Glowing Plants Light up Our Future

Courtesy Smithsonian Magazine


Green glowing plants have been recently exhibited in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York.  These brighter watercress plants are real and were developed by MIT chemical engineer Michael Strano in 2017. These watercress plants have been embeded with nanoparticles which transform their stored energy into light.These plants glow owing to an enzyme known as  luciferase, which provides light to the fireflies. Recently Strano has partnered with an architect, Sheila Kennedy, to explore how these plants might be used as a part of our sustainable energy future.

 Discover Nature

A Beautiful Mountain Bluebird

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