Yesterday is a science fiction and fantasy comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and is produced by several producers including Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. This interesting film written by Richard Curtis is based on the life of a struggling singer-songwriter Jack Malik ( Himesh Patel) living in a small English seaside town. Jack despite having the support of his childhood best friend Ellie cannot help his dreams of fame fading right before his eyes. However the story gets a twist when jack after an unusual bus accident during a mysteriuos global black out wakes up in an entirely different world. Jack then performs songs once played by The Beatles to a world that is completley unaware of the band and even gains popularity. However after being propelled to stardom by his steel heart American agent Debra(Kate McKinnon) Jack is exposed to the risk of losing his childhood friend Ellie. This intriguing film is all set to hit the theaters on 28 June 2019 by Universal Pictures.

News from Space

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Expected to Solve the Sun’s 500-Old Super Heating Mystery

Depication of NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Reaching the Sun

A group of rerachers at the Universiyty of Michighan believe that the Sun’s superheating mystery will soon be solved by taking help from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe. Why is the Sun’s outer atmosphere much hotter as compared to its fiery surface, is a question that has been shrouded in mystery for nearly 500 years. Justin Kasper a U-M professor and the principal investigator for Parker mission claims that this mystery will be solved in two years. It is believed that in the zone of prefential heating above Sun’s atmosphere the over all temperatures rises but some individual elements are heated to different temperatures. However, it is strange that some heavy ions are superheated and therefore become 10 times hotter than the Hydrogen in this area and even the Sun’s core. Scientist’s believe that by solving this mystery they will be able to better understand and predict the solar weather which can potentially cause significant threat to Earth’s power grid.

Peculiar News
A.I., Brings Salvador Dali Back to Life

Dali Lives- Art Meets Artificial Intelligence

Dali Museum with the help of artificial intelligence has resurrected the surreal artist Salvador Dali so that the visitors can meet him in person. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has worked extensively with the advertising firm goodbye Silverstein & Partners (GS& P) to bring Dali to life. The AI algorithm after being fed with hundreds of newspaper interviews, photos, quotes and archival footage has been trained to learn Dali’s speech and mannerism. According to Jeff Goodbye co-chairman and partner at GS& P “This is actually a recreated version of Dali. It is not a person playing Dali with makeup.” This unique program uses 125 interactive videos and 200,000 possible combinations therefore no two visits are ever the same. The digital Dali not only talks about his art but also comments on Florida’s weather and finally asks the visitors if they would like to take a selfie. Surprisingly Dali once wrote “if someday I die though it is unlikely, I hope the people in the cafes will say Dali has died but not entirely.”

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Eurasian hoopoes are found across Afro- Eurasia and are mostly known for their particular crown of feathers.

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