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Stuber is an upcoming American action comedy film directed by Micheal Dowse and written by Tripper Clancy. This interesting film stars Kumail Nanjiani, Dave Bautista, Iko Uwais and is scheduled  to release on 12th July 2019.  The story of the film centers on a mild mannered uber driver named Stu who picks up a grizzled cop named Vic, who is chasing a blood thirsty terrorist. Stuber is now not only accidentially involved in a distressing ordeal but also has to escort his passenger without  damaging his high customer service rating.

News from Space

The planetary Society a non-profit organization has launched Light Sail 2 the first spacecraft propelled absolutely by sunlight. This project has been funded by crowd funding however this isn’t the first spacecraft to use solar sail at some distance from the earth.  In 2010 Japanese spacecraft Ikaros was the first to use solar sail and this is merely an extension of that technology.  The Planetary Society had also launched Light Sail in 2015 ten years after launching Cosmos 1 which got lost owing to rocket failure.

Peculiar News

This Summer Tourists Can Plunge into the Ocean to visit Titanic

estar 1 white exterior, front


Titan is the first deep-sea submersible constructed from a carbon-fiber composite which has the ability to endure enormous pressure at great depths. This unique invention by Stockton Rush the founder and CEO of Ocean Gate is expected to make six trips to the Titanic site this summer carrying 54 pioneer clients. These clients are mostly from USA, Britain, Australia and Germany. These clients after paying a handsome amount will tour the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean to view the most famous shipwreck of all.

Discover Nature

 An Indigo bunting Perched on a sunflower. Indigo bunting is a small seed eating migratory bird and usually migrates during the night by using stars to navigate. It migrates from southern Canada to northern Florida and from southern Florida to northern South America.


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