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Zeroville is an American comedy film directed by James Franco staring Franco, Megan Fox, Seth Roger, Craig Robinson and Jacki Weaver. This film is based on the 2007 Novel Zeroville by Steve Erickson. Protagonist Ike Jerome is a 24- year old architecture student who is greatly inspired by a few films that he has seen therefore he rides the bus into Hollywood. Jerome has tattooed a picture of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor from A Place in the Sun on his shaved head. A place in the Sun has a great significance in the plot as Jerome initially becomes a designer and later ends up being a film editor. Jerome also nicked name Vikar eventually realizes that his dreamlike journey into the world of films has resulted in tragedy and a horrible discovery. This interesting film was released on 20th September 2019.
News from Space
Water Discovered for the First Time in the Atmosphere of a Mysterious Planet outside Earth’s Solar System

Scientists have discovered water vapors and possibly liquid water clouds that rain in the atmosphere of a mysterious exoplanet 110 light years away from the earth. A recent study has discovered evidence for liquid water and hydrogen in this exoplanet’s atmosphere besides proving the fact that it lies within the habitable zone. Therefore, there is possibility that this world is habitable. Bjorn Benneke professor at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets at the Universitie de Montreal does not exclude the possibility that this exoplanet could support some sort of life. However, Benneke does not imply that animals are crawling around on this exoplanet as it doesn’t have a real surface indicating there is nothing to crawl on.
Peculiar News
Is it Possible to Turn Back the Clock on Biological Age?

Courtesy Live Science
A small new study suggests that a Drug Cocktail can reverse certain age related changes to human DNA. In this study nine healthy white men between 51 and 65 years took a drug cocktail a few times a week for a year. Scientists after having a look at their DNA discovered that the participants had shed 2.5 years off their biological ages, on average. At this point in time scientists do not know how each drug has contributed to the anti- aging effects. However, this small study has given hope to the idea of reversing biological age.
Discover Nature

Blue and Gold macaw is found in parts of Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Blue and Gold Macaws can be 33 inches (83 cm) long weighing 900 to 12, 00 grams making it one of largest members of its family. They have extraordinary powerful beaks which help them in breaking nutshells, climbing up and for hanging from trees.

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