July 22 is a Norwegian Drama film directed by Erik Poppe and is a reenactment of the Utoya summer camp massacre that took place on 22 July 2011.  The film is based on the collection of historic events of the massacre but the characters are fictional.  

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Scientists Plan to Bring Back an Extinct Ice- Age Horse Spices


Courtesy Live Science


A team of scientists in Siberia expects that a mummified 40,000-year-old baby horse can provide critical genetic material for cloning the extinct ice-age species. However experts are skeptical that scientists would actually find viable DNA on the body of the dead animal. Experts are afraid that the team of scientists might not be able to succeed the challenge of cloning a species that has been extinct for millennia.

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 An Ancient Church Discovered  in Turkish Lake

Courtesy Live Science


The submerged ancient church lies just a short distance from the Turkish city of Iznik, known in Roman times as Nicea.

Credit: Mustafa Şahin/Lake Iznik Excavation Archive

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 6- Foot Long Lizard Scares a Family in Florida


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A family in Florida is held hostage to a huge lizard the size of an adult man spotted on their property resultantly the family is even afraid to use their swimming pool.  Moreover now Parents Zack and Maria Lieberman are even concerned about the safety of their two little children.  The lizard is an escaped pet but since the lizard has not been reported as missing so any one with a permit can catch it.



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