Around the World in 20 Minutes

Around the World in 20 Minutes


By Shabnam  Lall

MULK Film Review

Film Mulk directed and producedby Anubhav Sinha starring Rishi Kapoor,  Tapsee Pannu and Prakteik Babbar focuses on communal hate. The film is set in a small town of Benaras India where Shahid Mohammad (Prakteik Babbar gets involved in a bomb blast killing 16 people. Consequently Shahid Mohammad becomes a suspect terrorist causing trouble to his entire family. Shahid Mohammad (Praktei Babbar) is the youngest son of Bilal Mohammad (Manoj Pahwa) the younger brother of Murad Ali Shah (Rishi Kapoor). The patriarch of the family Murad Ali Shah (Rishi Kapoor) is a lawyer by profession and has many Hindu friends in Benaras. Shahid’s family despite having no connection with any terrorist organization has to bear a great deal of prejudice furthermore many of their friend have  turned foes. Bilal Mohammad (Manoj Pahwa) is not on talking terms with his brother Murad Ali Shah ( Rishi Kapoor) until the former is taken into police custody for questioning.  Murad Ali Shah (Rishi Kapoor) is finally left with the option of defending his innocent family. Therefore Murad Ali Shah (Rishi Kapoor) finally steps out of his retired life and joins his Hindu daughter-in –law Aarti (Tapsee Pannu) to fight his brother’ s case. Santosh Anand ( Ashutosh Rana) is a public prosecutor who represents the  mindset of the majority based on prejudice against the Muslim community.   Rishi Kapoor has been outstanding in the film and leaves a deep imprint on the audiences. Tapsee Pannu has also proved her acting skills by easily conveying feelings of anguish and anger of a young lawyer fighting the case of her embattled family.  Communal hate still remains a rare topic in Bollywood.


Johnny English Strikes Again



Johnny English Strikes Again is a 2018 action comedy directed by David Kerr and produced by Chris Clark.  The movie is a sequel of 2011 film Johnny English Reborn.  Johnny English Strikes Again was released in the UK on 5th October 2018 whereas it is slated to release in the US on 26th October.  A cyber-attack on MI7 by an unknown entity results in the exposure of the names and identities of all its agents. MI7 is therefore left with the option to reinstate all its older and inactive agents including English (Rowan Atkinson) who is now working as a geography teacher. English on being re-instated however asks to be accompanied by his old associate Bough (Ben Miller).

Space News

Astronaut and Cosmonaut survive an unexpected ballistic fall to Earth as Soyuz Launch went wrong

NASA and Roscosmous attempted to send two astronauts to ISS on a resupply mission in the early hours of October 11th 2018 on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Soon after its launch the spacecraft was faced with a boaster problem and therefore experienced a ballistic fall to earth. According to NASA TV reports astronauts Nick Hague and Alexey Ovchinin are in good condition.

Peculiar News

Pentagon wants to raise an Army of Virus spreading insects to ensure food security.


Pentagon desires to create a task force of insects carrying genetically modified viruses to save America’s farms in order to make crops more resilient.  The scientist community however is concerned that the desired army of virus spreading insects aimed at enhancing food security can actually turn out to be an uncontrollable bioweapon.

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