“Bhaiaji Super hit”

The movie in review for this issue is Bhaiaji Super hit which is a light comedy based on the life of Lal Bhai sahab Dubey aka 3D (Sunny Deol). 3D is a soft hearted crime lord married to Sapna( Preity Zinta) who is the daughter of another crime lord. Spana (Preity Zinta) has left husband 3d (Sunny Deol ) leaving a bad impression on his personal and professional life. 3D is in a constant tussle with Helicopter Mishra (Jaideep Ahlawat) another crime lord who wants to acquire the title of the biggest Don in the city. In order to gain popularity and impress vexed wife Sapna (Preity Zinta) so that she returns to him, 3D is adamant on making a film titled “Bhaiaji Superhit”. 3D even hires a cunning Bollywood director Goldie Kapoor ( Arshad Warsi) writer Tarun Porno Ghosh (Shreyas Talpade) and Super star Mallika ( Ameesha Patel) for his film. The film despite having some clever lines and funny moments gets dull owing to excessive plot that the film makers have tried to adjust. The film could have been far more interesting and fun to watch, had the filmmakers avoided extra details. Actors Sunny Deol, Arshad Warsi and Preity Zinta have been successful in entertaining the audience by performing well. However, Ameesha Patel and Shreyas Talpade could have done even better. The film is still good and is definitely a onetime watch.

Homes & Watson
Homes & Watson is an upcoming American mystery comedy written and directed by Etan Cohen. Actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are in the lead roles as Sherlock Homes and Dr. John Watson besides Rebecca Hall and Ralph Fiennes. The film is based on the literary characters Sherlock Homes and Dr. John Watson who using their brilliance prevent their rival James Moriarty from assassinating the queen. The film was initially scheduled to release on 17th August 2018. However, with the release date being pushed back a few times the film is now finally scheduled to release on 25th December 2018.
Peculiar News
Lioness Murders the Father of her Three Cubs
Lioness Zuri killed Lion Nyack who was the father of her three cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo. The murder was witnessed by Zuri and Nyack’s three year old daughter Sukari. According to the Zoo officials they heard thunder of roars early morning as they arrived on work. The zoo staff on reaching the enclosure witnessed that 12 year old lioness had already driven her teeth in the neck of 10 year old lion Nyack. The zoo officials despite trying to calm the lioness failed to save the lion.
China Plans to build an artificial Moon to complement the Existing Moonlight
China is planning on building an artificial moon to hang over the city of Sichuan to complement the light of the existing moon. The plan is expected to be implemented by 2020 as the artificial moon is believed to be eight times bigger than the natural satellite. The artificial moon is expected to be so bright that it may end the need of having street lights. Once the artificial moon is built than two moons two would be clearly sighted on a moonlit night. It is obvious that some animals are highly active during the night while others are sensitive to the light and phases of the moon. So some researchers question if the artificial moonlight would interfere with the routine activities of the local wildlife. However, there is no definite answer yet as it is still unclear how bright the artificial moon light would be.

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