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Cheat India
Is an upcoming Bollywood comedy film starring Emran Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary which is slated to release on 25thJanuary 2019. It was earlier reported that actor Emran Hashmi has co-produced the film and calls it a landmark role in his career. According to the film makers the film is inspired by true incidents in the Indian education system. The filmmakers however had to remove the film’s tagline from posters and trailers adhering to the orders of CBFC. According to CBFC the tagline of the film had the potential to mislead the youngsters.

Lion King 2019

Lion King is an upcoming Hollywood musical adventure comedy film directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Walt Disney Films and is slated to release on July 19 2019. The film is said to be a photorealistic computer animated copy of Disney’s traditionally animated film released in 1994 with the same name. The voice cast of the film includes Donald Grover as Simba, Jc Mcrary as young Simba and Seth Rogen as scar.

News from Space
Searching for Signs of Life on Mars
NASA’s Insight Lander exploring the internal structure and composition of Mars on 26th November 2018. Courtesy Live Science

Scientists suggest the need to carry underground exploration on Mars instead of surface exploration in order to find traces of life on the planet. Mars mission usually in its search for traces of life targets sites that have signs of ancient water. During the past few decades scientist have discovered deep biosphere (a subsurface environment teeming with microorganisms) as a result of underground explorations. Since no signs of life have been found on Mars so far there is a possibility of microbial Martians on the planet congregating underground in abundance.

Peculiar News

The Possibility of Time Travel
Time travel has always been a fascinating subject for Physicists and laymen therefore several films and novel plots suggest the plausibility of time travel. However scientists have lately come to the conclusion that time travel is actually possible if we have an object with infinite mass. Recently Guarav Khanna a physics professor at Massachusetts Dartmouth disclosed that one of his doctoral students published a paper on constructing a time machine. This paper published by a doctoral student in the journal classic and Quantum Gravity also known as Mallary’s Model suggests that this new time machine requires simple construction. However despite being simple in its making the machine requires objects called singularities with infinite, density, temperature and pressure that even do not exist in nature. Therefore time travel despite being a reality is not possible any time soon.

Discover Nature

Salamander Breathes through Christmas Trees Growing from its Head

Courtesy Live Science

This newly discovered aquatic salamander has been successful in hiding from scientists through decades. The creature has a long eel like body spotted like a leopard with no hind limbs and Christmas trees growing from its head which causes it to breathe. According to scientists the aquatic creature owing to its spotted body had previously earned the name the leopard eel.

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