Kamran Ashraf – Artist In The Making

Everyone, at some point in their life, thinks they can draw or paint but not everyone has a knack for it. However, a young O’level going school boy - Kamran Ashraf could be the next art sensation of Pakistan. He’s a youngster who is genetically constructed to paint and sketch, without taking any course or receiving any prior training. He’s an exceptionally bright child and a gifted student whose art depicts beauty and fragility of the natural world in intimate settings of nature. The innate beauty of Nature is also Kamran’s inspiration. His dream is to turn his hobby into an occupation and become an aspiring artist. He also wants to embark on a solo gallery appearance in an exhibit one day where he would be able to display all his eloquent pieces.

We have put together some of his greatest works till date and let us know what you think of this young artist phenomenon in the making.

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