Summers in Pakistan comes with greater heat intensity each time to stay for over half of the year and with summers comes all skin related problems. Oily skin, pimples and tanned skin, you name it and the problem is meant to be doubled in the scorching summers of Pakistan.

It is not as if we are going to fret over the roasting weather and sleep to wake up to snow falling in the country, so let us just get real and come up with a solution that can actually help in keeping the skin fresh and glowing in summers.

The solution, in fact has been right in front of our eyes, for centuries and we wonder why we never gave it as much importance as it deserved. Fuller’s Earth or Multani mitti is a nature’s gift sent directly from heaven for all the major skin related problems.

With the ever growing pollution of our country mixed with the excessive sebum production from the skin in this heat, the major problem that most of us have to deal with is the oily skin. Not only oily skin makes the face look dull and tired but it also promotes pimples and acne breakouts that leave marks that stay for a lifetime. Fuller’s Earth works like magic for oily skin. Moreover, this easy on pocket substance also reduces dark spots and treats uneven skin tone.

The application is simple, get Fuller’s Earth in powdered form (it usually comes in clumpy/rock form) and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the face until its completely dry then rinse off with water. The impact is instant, not only will your skin feel soft and supple it would also appear a little brighter. Apply it every week or twice a month depending on your skin type to give your skin the care it deserves.

You can either use Fuller’s Earth the plain and simple way or mix it with other natural ingredients for a power packed impact. Mix Fuller’s Earth with water or rosewater to remove excess oil from the skin. Fuller’s Earth closes the pores on your skin which makes it look smoother in addition to the oil control. Add lemon juice to fuller’s Earth to get rid of any pimple scars. Use it with coconut water to remove tan or mix it with honey to achieve radiant skin. The possibilities are endless and harmless.

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