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Become a brand ambassador they said, its easy and fun they said – so there, I said yes. You are now reading an article written by the brand ambassador of SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology) for an upcoming magazine called YOLO. I will admit that having this title made me want to swirl around and show off and I was planning on doing exactly that but as soon as I was designated with this title I was also assigned with the tasks that came with it. The very first task was to collect a sample data for the launching of YOLO and how was I supposed to do that? I am sure you have guessed it by now and yes you are right, by collecting surveys. My dear friends let me add a pinch of twist here, a collection of 250 to 500 students within one day! Gosh, did the adrenalin rush just skim through my body and disappear? Yes, yes it did.

Thereon commenced the events happening around campus and my hunt to find the number of students assigned. The problems that I incurred:

  1. Since YOLO had not been launched then, students did not trust it either.
  2. No one had the time and no one wanted to waste energy in submitting a survey.
  3. Everyone wanted an incentive.

To overcome the last and most difficult obstacle, Team YOLO decided to host a lucky draw for all students who filled the survey and the lucky winner would win an iPhone 7! Who doesn’t want that, right?!I am going to be honest here, I was very on the first day; it was my first time working on a project like this. The first thing I did was I approached my friends first since they were they easiest target and I knew they would obviously agree in assisting me with this task.  I gathered all my friends in the SZABIST lab and I started briefing them about YOLO and explained them the purpose and the importance of the survey, while a friend of mine was shooting a video of the whole session (this video was supposed to be submitted to Team YOLO). As I started my session, all my friends took up their statue stances on their chairs (whether planned or not, I will never know) and stared at me like little owlets. They appeared cute and scary at the same time. Moreover, their responses to my questions or statements were all synchronized! As if they had all formed some mental connection and decided right there and then what each and every person had to say. This was by far the most fake experience I have ever had but in the end you know what they say, “if you have crazy friends you have everything”. My friends had a good laugh and every one of them completed the survey for me.

One meets different people in life coming from individual spheres of their own. University, I believe, is one of those platforms that few lucky people get to witness and reap the benefits that it has to offer. Here one gets to make lifelong friendships, memories mistakes and to just simply live life. While conducting this survey, I met a group of students who were new to university life. I went up to them, introduced myself, explained the survey and asked for their permission to go forth with conducting it. In my whole life, never have I seen a group of juniors so intimidated by me. The first question they asked me was if they will be awarded marks in the final exam for completing this survey. To be completely honest, I sat there for a few moments utterly bewildered.

Speaking of meeting different people, I came across a lot of people who had very interesting and unique reactions when I stared to brief them about YOLO. Upon hearing that an iPhone 7 was going to be gifted to one lucky student, some people started to bribe their way through it! Yes they did submit the survey but they offered to buy me snacks and complete my assignments for they thought I was the one who was going to select that lucky winner! What a time it is to be so credulous.

All in all, this task was a good learning experience for me. Once the time limit came to an end, I felt like I had achieved something, not necessarily in monetary or physical terms but in more learned terms. And I can finally say that being a brand ambassador was worth it. Before I say goodbye to my dear audience, I want to answer the question lingering in your minds and the answer is “No”, I could not complete the target of 250 students although I managed to target 120, which is something right?. With that I bid you farewell and hope you all have a good day!

P.S. The iPhone 7 was won by a student of NUST.

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