Celebrating 70 years of Independence

Celebrating years of excellence in various fields

As Pakistan celebrates its 70 years of independence this 14th August, the nation should remember the untiring efforts of Quaid- e- Azam which led to the creation of Pakistan. Quaid-e – Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was an indefatigable freedom fighter and a distinguished leader who realized Dr. Allamah Mohammad Iqbal’s dream of an independent nation for Muslims. Quiad-e-Azam’s address to the Constituent Assembly on 11th August gives us the opportunity to envision what kind of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah wanted. Quiad during his address to the Constituent Assembly said “… the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that the life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State.”  Pakistan during these 70 years has excelled in various fields owing to our exceptionally talented, artists, sportsmen and women, poets and musicians who have taken the country to new horizons.


Television programing was introduced to the audiences on 26th November, 1964 with the first ever show aired from Lahore station since then there was no looking back for PTV. Pakistan television since its inception has been making waves in the region mainly due to its popular Urdu dramas.  The 1980’s has always been referred to as the starting of the golden age of Pakistani drama. During the 80’s Pakistan television with its popular dramas and unique comedy shows such as Fifty-Fifty began to rule the airwaves across the border.  Extraordinary talented people like Rahat Kazmi, Moeen Akhtar, Shoaib Mansoor, Bushra Ansari and Anwar Maqsood enabled television to reach its zenith. With the advent of Satellite TV and modern technology the drama industry in Pakistan has emerged as one of the best industries of the country.  Today Pakistan has a thriving television industry with numerous channels reaching out to global audiences.


Pakistan has experienced tremendous victories in its sporting history during the past 70 years owing to its extraordinary talented sports men and women. Pakistan has dominated hockey, cricket, squash, snooker, baseball and tennis all these years. The world has witnessed a variety of versatile Pakistani sportsmen such as Jahangir and Jansher Khan, Shahid Afridi, tennis player Aisam-ul-Haq and the swing of sultan Wasim Akram. Pakistan’s hockey team is certainly the best as green shirts hold a record of winning the world cup four times.  Pakistan’s cricket team in 1992 under the captaincy of Imran khan won the Cricket World Cup in Melbourne Australia. The talented Mohammad Yousaf has made his nation proud by winning world Snooker Championship twice. Today Pakistan has a women’s cricket, hockey and soccer team making the nation proud at international level. Kiran Khan has the honour of being the first ever Pakistan female swimmer to represent Pakistan at various international swimming competitions and not to say the least, Pakistan beat india in historical match at the ICC Champions Trophy 2017!


Pakistan’s music industry has experienced success after success in the past 70 years owing to its versatility. Pakistan in all these years has witnessed generations of unmatched singing talent that has charmed people in Pakistan and across the globe. Extraordinary and versatile singers of all seasons such as Madam Noor Jehan, Medhi Hassan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan have made outstanding contributions to music. Globalization has not only impacted our cultural and social life but it has also changed our tastes in music. The changing music trend was witnessed in the 70’s with the declining popularity of classical music and the emergence of popular music in Pakistan. Singers such as Alamgir and Mohammad Ali Shehki being the pioneers of Urdu Pop music gained popularity during the 70’s representing the music taste of the younger generation.  The new wave of pop music that took the country by storm began in the 1980’s with Nazia and Zoheb Hassan.  Nazia Hassan’s first album “Disco Dewane” was the first South Asian music album which was released in Indonesia, Brazil and South Africa. In 1987 Vital Signs with their instant hit Dil Dil Pakistan gained unmatchable recognition internationally. The Pop music scene became more vibrant and interesting during the 90’s with the introduction of Junoon, Awaz, Strings, Ali Haider, Abrar ul Haq and Amir Zaki. Pakistan has been exporting its singing talent across the border some notable names are Ataf Aslam and Shafqat Amanat Ali who have rendered many Bollywood songs.

Contribution of women

Pakistani women have immensely contributed to the society in almost every field during the past 70’s years. Starting from Fatima Jinnah till to date the country has witnessed women doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists, singers, actresses, designers, stylists, politicians and fighter pilots. Benazir Bhutto was not only Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister but was the first female ever to govern a Muslim state. Today women have an increased participation in politics. Fahmida Mirza holds the honour of being elected as the first female speaker of the National Assembly.  The involvement of women in various fields indicates that our society has progressed a great deal. Pakistani women such as Saba Zaidi who is a senior interaction Designer at Google and Oscar Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy have smashed stereotypes.  Pakistani young students like Maaha Ayub have made the nation proud by winning a Bronze medal at international Chemistry Competition.              



Pakistan’s fashion industry after witnessing a great deal of progress has finally enhanced its international profile. Designers like Amir Adnan, Deepak Parwani, Umar Seed, Hassan Sheheryar, Elan, Shehla Chatoor, Sana Safinaz, Farah Talib Aziz and Maria B have reached Paris, London, and Dubai and are now conquering the International Fashion scene.


Today Pakistan is experiencing a huge infrastructure development at a much faster pace. As stated in The News International Emerging Markets has declared Pakistan as the best country in South Asia for Infrastructure development.  Many highways, roads, dams, schools, college and universities have been built during the past 70 years. In this age of information technology Pakistan has a thriving IT industry with tremendous potential making Pakistan the “27th largest population of internet users.” The China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the operationalization of Gawadar port promises a better tomorrow for Pakistan.

Pakistan has experienced 70 years of excellence owing to its extraordinary talented achievers whose accomplishments have made us a proud nation. With the recent improvement in our judicial system it is our earnest desire that Pakistan continues to prosper fulfilling Quiad-e –Azam’s dream.



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