Chester Bennington: Linkin Park singers’ suspected suicide shocks the world

Bennington died on Chris Cornell’s birthday who took his life in May this Year

There have been countless suicides in the recent years. The latest celebrity to leave this world was none other than, Linkin Parks - Chester Bennington. The famous singer was found dead in his house in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles before 9am on Thursday. According to Mail Online, Bennington had hung himself and was later found dead by an employee. Bennington had spent most of his life struggling with substance abuse. In his interviews, Bennington had frankly admitted that he had been an alcoholic and a drug addict. During an interview in 2011 with “The Guardian”, he was even explicit about his abusive childhood. According to “ABC News” Bennington was an assistant in a digital services firm in phoenix, when he experienced his first breakthrough in 1999. He had received a demo by a band Xero, through a music executive as the band was looking for a lead singer. Bennington wrote and recorded new vocals over the music played by the band and sent back the results. Consequently, he got the job and the band changed their name to Hybrid Theory that later became known as Linkin Park.

The Grammy- Award winning band had sold more than 70 million albums worldwide, including 10 million copies of their 2000 debut “The hybrid Theory” and 4 million copies of their 2003 multiplatinum Meteora.

The band won their first Grammy Award for the best hard rock performance category in 2001 for Crawling and received another Grammy for Numb/ Encore in 2005. In 2005, Bennington formed his own band Dead by Sunrise as a side project and later became “the lead vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots from 2013 to 2015”.

As stated in the ABC News, Bennington while speaking to The Associate Press 2010 said that because the band was known for its particular kind of music, therefore it was “virtually impossible” for the band to please their various kinds of fans.

Chester Bennington was married twice and is survived by six children. According to Mail Online, Bennington had flown back alone to Los Angeles on Wednesday after spending time with his wife Talinda in Arizona. Linkin Park was on tour to promote their latest Album One More Light therefore the band had a performance scheduled In New York Citi Field next week. The band had also released their latest video song just two hours before the news of Chester’s death surfaced.

Bennington was devastated this past May on the death of his friend and fellow musician, Chris Cornell therefore he even performed at Cornell’s funeral to honor him.

Bennington has surely left his admirers shocked by his untimely death on his friend Cornell’s birthday.  He said in an interview in 2011 that he had drunk over the last six years but now wanted to be a better person. Chester, despite being battered by childhood abuse, drugs and alcohol made his fans happy with his energetic performances. Tributes regarding his untimely death have been pouring in since last night from celebrities and from his millions of fans around the world. His music, his voice, his songs will surely be missed for years to come. There will be no other rock performer like him.

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