Is Beijing really facing a trust deficit?

Many countries are facing many problems and challenges in the post pandemic world. Ever since the virus broke out Beijing has been facing a trust deficit in the international community.  Therefore, many countries of the world now view the dragon as a security challenge and perhaps they want the world to keep tabs on Beijing.  The news of nuclear leak at one of the Chinese nuclear power reactor at Taishan has been treated with skepticism by the international community. Two French companies had warned of the nuclear leak despite Beijing’s continual denial of a radiation leak.  These two French companies have been involved in building these reactors. Moreover, these French companies not only reported that damage had been caused to five fuel rods but also warned the US of an imminent radiological threat. It is believed that China had raised levels of radiation for the plant and the surrounding areas.

Currently China has 49 nuclear reactors as they contribute 2% of the country’s electricity needs. Beijing however wants to make nuclear reactors its primary source of electricity needs in future. Therefore, 17 more nuclear reactors are under construction. However China’s rush to create more reactors seems worrisome for the international community.  Some safety experts believe that China despite intending to create more reactors is not willing to commit to transparency.  Moreover, China’s in efficacy in bridging the trust deficit makes the international community skeptical of Beijing’s intentions.  Furthermore, NNSA’s complete silence on the Taishan incident has raised many questions. Taishan Nuclear power plant’s main operator China General Power Crop stated that the environmental indicators at and around the plant were normal.  Since radiological threat could pose serious risk to human life and environment therefore China needs to be careful in meeting nuclear safety measures.  Beijing has been so far unable to convince the world that the Wuhan Virus did not emerge from the Wuhan lab of virology.  Therefore, with a huge trust deficit Beijing now finds hard to support its tall claims of carefully taking safety measures while doing risky businesses.  These two French companies are now expected to face some political issues in China. However by warning the world these two French companies have surely indicated how serious the damage could have been.  According to one view the international community exaggerates the fear of an impending security threat from China. The fact of the matter is that Beijing needs to realize that it is facing a huge trust deficit perhaps owing to its overly ambitious global dominance dreams.

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