Will Europe Join the United States anti-China War Chariot?

NATO has declared China a global security challenge whereas Beijing has accused NATO and G-7 countries of slander. Joe Biden is in search of coalition of democracies against China’s global dominance which is surely posing a global security threat to many countries of the world. Beijing has however brushed off all criticism and one opinion suggests that China is now playing the victim card. Since NATO is an extremely powerful military alliance therefore being on its Radar could be a little worrisome for Beijing. Other than NATO and G-7 some countries have expressed their concern regarding Beijing’s aspirations of a global dominance. Countries like Australia, India and South Korea are also included in the list of countries that view China as a security challenge. Indian’s Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat has admitted that China possess a huge security threat to India.  France has recently declared Russia to be a security challenge for Europe owing to border sharing.  Since China does not share border with Europe therefore France continues to dismiss China as a security challenge. Beijing has therefore cleverly viewed Europe’s hesitancy against China as an opportunity to further divide NATO on this matter.  According to China the US is drawing ideological lines to form small groups to target China. Therefore, Beijing has recently expressed its hope that Europe would not join the United States anti- China war chariot. China believes that the diverging interests of the European Union and the United States would keep them apart on forming an alliance against the dragon.   However, a common view suggests that since Europe and the US are joined at the hip therefore Biden’s demand to wage a cold war against China would eventually be accepted by Europe.  

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