Nanendra Modi is doing his best to tear apart the pluralistic fabric of India

In light of the saying “when you invite trouble it is usually quick to accept” India is about to witness the greatest refugee crisis on the planet.  It is obviously true that Mr. Modi is doing his best to make India a non-tolerant Hindu nationalist state.  The Citizens Amendment Bill provides Modi the power to marginalize the Muslims under the pretext of protecting the persecuted minorities. In light of CAB religion will be the deciding factor from now onwards in determining whom to treat as an illegal immigrant and whom to call a citizen. The new legislation welcomes people of all religions who came to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan expect for Muslims. Furthermore, India’s National Registration of Citizens (NRC) has been designed to expunge the northeastern state of Assam of illegal immigrants.  According to the Indian government many Muslims families settled in Assam who had originally migrated from Bangladesh are not the rightful citizens of India. Therefore, back in August when the NRC report was published 2 million Muslim families and a few Hindu families realized that their names were missing. Consequently these people were asked to prove their identities otherwise they had to be send to the new detention camps. These new discriminatory laws will only targets 2 million out 200 million Muslims. However, the Modi government aims to expand the NRC nation-wide. According to the Wire Magazine expanding the NRC nationwide will turn out to be an economic disaster for India.  It seems that the Indian government without realizing the actual magnitude of the economic burden associated with all India NRC is planning on victimizing the Indian taxpayer. According to an estimate the admin expenses of NRC will cost 50,000 Cr while 2-3 lakh Cr will be spent on the construction and maintenance of detention camps. Moreover, a whooping amount of 36,000 Cr will be needed just to feed the 2 million illegal immigrants.  Unfortunately India has been placed much lower in the Global hunger Index 2019 as compared to Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. . According to the GHI report” India is suffering from a serious hunger problem. “The number of illegal Bangladeshi citizens is close to the population of Romania and Sri Lanka. Therefore, an attempt to deport this vast population will result in one of the biggest humanitarian disasters. Narendra Modi is surely doing his best to tear apart the pluralistic fabric in India without realizing the magnitude of trouble that he has invited.  India has witnessed violent protests and police crackdowns in the wake of CAB.  Not only will these protests eventually gain more momentum but will act as a breeding ground for new terrorist’s organizations. It is high time for Narendra Modi to realize that he is living in a fool’s paradise, refusing to accept that he has already invited trouble.

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