Climate catastrophes come with a high price tag

Climate change is getting more and more expensive

Climate catastrophes have caused greater damage to the global economy than before as most of the countries are not living up to climate change commitments.  A recent report by charity Christian Aid claims that nine of the worst natural disasters of 2020 have caused damages more than $ 5 billion each. According to the report titled counting the cost of 2020: A year of climate breakdown climate catastrophes are getting more and more expensive.  Extreme weather events in 2020 had a much higher price tag for richer countries owing to a greater degree of valuable property.  However, these devastating weather events resulted in higher death tolls despite less financial cost in poor countries.  The United States had to suffer by the highest economic costs resulting from record breaking hurricane and wildfire seasons.  In light of charity Christian aid report the United States has suffered damage more than $ 60 billion. Likewise Australia Bush fires that began in late 2019 have caused damage worth $ 5 billion.  The Australia bushfires had destroyed thousands of buildings, caused 34 deaths and killed more than a billion wild animals. Cyclone Amphan was the strongest storms on record formed in the Bay of Bengal causing loses more than $ 1 billion in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  The huge locus swarms originating in East Africa destroyed crops and vegetation across several countries.  Windstorms Ciara and Alex brought evil tidings for Europe killing 30 people and causing a loss of nearly $ 60 billion.  The unprecedented rainfalls in South Sudan caused the Nile and other rivers to overflow killing 138 people and affecting more than a million.  In Pakistan the abnormally rainy monsoon season caused 410 deaths, coupled with financial loss more the $ 1 billion.  According to scientists since planet earth continues to become hotter and hotter more and more abnormal rain patterns and floods are expected in due course. In light of the extreme weather events in 2020 countries should now learn to set aside funds for catastrophic damages. However, paying more attention to the issue of climate change by countries may save lives and resources.

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