Coke Studio Season 09 – a Collaboration of Artists

Coke Studio Pakistan has been on air since 2008. Nine seasons in and it is a standout amongst the most prominent shows in Pakistan. Over the outskirts, it blends Sufi and Urdu sounds with contemporary music. Every season brings with it a promise of an even better and more hypnotizing season. From Abida Parveen’s majestic voice to Misha Shafi’s bold yet beautiful charms; Coke Studio Season 09 has brought us everything that our souls desired. With the end of this season, we bring to you three most popular, most downloaded, and the best songs of this season.

Top 3 Songs

  1. Paar Chanaa De

Artist: Noori and Shilpa Rao

Paar Chanaa De - Shilpa Rao & Noori Coke Studio 9

There's something about having your breath taken away by a Coke Studio tune that is strangely fulfilling. Add to it the way that the tune being referred to be a Noori virtuoso and all things offer approach to unbound thankfulness for music. There are only a couple of tunes that know how to convey imperishability as delightfully as Paar Chana De did. It's not always that verses of a song really get to you and make you feel the zeal with which the song has been sung. You get enthralled in the mesmerizing voice which gives leaves you with goosebumps. This song is one of those that just blow your mind.

The story behind the melody 'Paar Chanaa De' is about heartbreak of mates who are separated by an inescapable demise. This story is additionally one of those hauntingly-heartbreaking, yet touching stories of an energetic couple, who were prepared to sacrifice everything, even their lives, for the sake of love. Knowing the romantic tale of the famous Sohni Mahiwal song will make the experience listening to Paar Chanaa De a significantly more passionate one.


  1. Saari Raat

Artist: Noori

In the words of maker Rohail Hyatt himself, “this is the "lead" melody of Coke Studio season 9. Saari Raat Jaga has been a voyage in all faculties of the word. Ali Noor started taking a shot at it 3 months before generation started; the house band too practiced it for a very long time. It starts off on a mellower, snazzy note, and moves into a serious and complex stick session in the end, reconnecting with the vitality of the first form. It’s THE piece which draws out the musicianship of each entertainer to the bleeding edge, and henceforth satisfies the embodiment of Coke Studio as a generation where the best gifts of this nation are exhibited – to their most extreme potential!


  1. Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan

Regardless of two of Pakistan's most praised vocalists being a maestro of this song (Naseebo Lal and Abida Parveen), Zeb Bangash's 'Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan' takes the cake.

Zeb Bangash and the Noori siblings meet up for an affectionate melody that embodies the freshness of spring. It's ostentatious, glad and brimming with expectation, all at the same time. Ali Hamza drops his stone band and mixes in with Zeb's vocals easily. A smart joint effort in my opinion. Aaja Re Moray Saiyaan is an ideal amalgamation of “Hindustani khayal and Pakistani kamaal”. With a couple of expressions of Urdu sprinkled all over, this hip people’s tune is simple and open; ideal for that end of the week lengthy drive as well.

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