Corona Virus Attracts More Criticism for the Present Government

Transparency needed

The present government despite making sincere efforts of fighting COVID 19 without letting it’s under privileged citizens starve to death is still attracting tremendous criticism. The government amidst the Corona crises has been criticized on matters such as imposition of lock down and on not showing transparency in relief work. Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad while hearing the Corona virus suo motu case pointed out the lack of transparency and the failure of provinces to come up with a policy.Furthermore, CJP also expressed his concern over billions being wasted under the pretext of COVID 19 kits and masks. Initially the government was criticized for being indecisive in whether to impose a lockdown or not. PM Imran Khan owing to his kind heartedness and genuine concern for the underprivileged and daily wagers was not in favor of a complete lockdown. Despite advocating the voice of daily wagers the Prime minister has not been able to escape the view of critics who seem to find fault in everything he does. One view suggests that government’s initial delay in imposing lockdown and allowing infected people to enter Pakistan is the real reason behind the spread of the virus. Other than allowing infected people from entering Pakistan’s territory critics criticize the government for its usual contradictory statements.

Prime minister’s recent statement that the elite were only in favor of the lockdown is contrary to reality. According to Gallup poll the elite were not in favor of the lockdown since most of the factory and business owners have to pay their employees during the lockdown.  Other than that, Corona relief efforts by the government have also attracted criticism for being inadequate and less transparent. Some critics are of the view that changing the name of Benazir income support to Ehsas program is nothing more than a political strategy. Moreover, the establishment of Corona tigers is also seen as a political strategy to gain prominence in the view of most of the critics. Since the lockdown has begun to ease and expected to further soften in the coming days. It is believed that the exact situation of the emerging Corona cases is being concealed. Nonetheless, the government’s decision of softening the lockdown considering the economy holds water. However, requesting people to maintain social distance as a part of their moral responsibility seems futile considering how the general public fails to meet traffic rules.

Earlier Dr. Zafar Mirza had expressed the fear of witnessing a spike in Corona cases in the month of May. However, according to critics after the softening of the lockdown now Dr. Mirza has extended his fear of an impending surge in Corona cases in June and July.

According to Moeed Yusuf special assistant to the Prime Minister over the last 12 days more people have tested positive for the virus than expected.  As stated in a news article at least 105 Pakistani passengers who have recently returned from the UAE tested positive for the Coronavirus. Furthermore, a total of 259 passengers out of 3,554 who had reached Pakistan from different parts of the world have tested positive for Coronavirus.  The point is whether it was a prudent decision to allow strangled Pakistani’s in foreign countries to come back considering the plight of the economy. On one hand there is a constant fear that both the economy and the inhabitants of the land are suffering owing to the lockdown. While on the other hand allowing infected people to enter the country does not make much sense. It would have been prudent had there been a mechanism to check these strangled Pakistani passengers before they boarded their respective air planes. According to critics the government has introduced the pretext that the virus infecting Pakistan is not as strong as the one that hit the other countries.   Therefore, the misappraisal of the real risk of Coronavirus is perhaps another attempt to cover government’s negligence and mismanagement.

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