Couples You Will Find in Every University

1) The ‘Zara Suniye’ Couple

The couple that will address each other in the utmost formal manner; “Aap arahe hain?” “Aap ki attendance lagwaon?” I mean are you guys married or what??


2) The Shareef Couple

They will be all lovey dovey over each other but they will never go out on a date because that’s haraam. Seriously?? That’s where the haraam comes in?

3) The ‘We Are Just Friends’ Couple

They will be together all the time and all day long, they will go out together, attend functions together and when asked about their relationship they will come down to “we are just friends”. And you will be like “ahan.”

4) The Opposite- Magnetic Couple

Throughout your university years you will keep on wondering how this couple and why this couple got together? While one will be the academic topper with the geeky glasses and the other will be the one who shows up once in a blue moon to class.


5) The ‘Go Get a Room’ Couple

They will literally not care if one person is standing nearby or the whole class room is but they will rarely miss out on displaying their affection for each other.

6) The Popular Couple

They are loved and envied by all. They literally complete the definition of a ‘couple’. They are the Michelle and Obama of your university.

7) The Cheating Couple

At least one of them will be involved somewhere else. You will know it, teachers will know it, the whole university will know it but the other partner will not know it.


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