Cyber bullying and Teenage Depression

Cyber bullying has emerged as a major cause of teenage depression

Teenage depression is certainly not a new issue but over the years it has been witnessed that Cyber bullying has become one of the contributing factors in teenage depression. Unhappiness and mood swings in teenagers are common issues. However, according to Web MD if these feeling persist for more than two weeks than it is time to seek advice from a health professional. In light of a recent research, there can be a host of reasons for teenage depression such as school problems, ‘social status with peers, family life’ etc. including cyber bullying. Teenagers suffering from depression show a noticeable change in their thinking and behavior patterns. According to a recent research, cyber bullying on social media is a major factor related to teenage depression. After a series of high profile suicides of teenagers reportedly bullied on different social network sites in 2013, much attention has been given to the issue of cyber bullying.  According to Live Science the series of teenage suicide witnessed in 2013 was related to a social network site where one could ask questions anonymously. Consequently this particular website launched new safety efforts in 2014. Similarly twitter also announced its plans of suspending bully users and “flittering out abusive tweets.”   Social media websites have millions of teenage users all over the world but large numbers of people are still unaware of the effects of cyber bullying on the health of its victims.  A recent research conducted by University of Alberta suggested that 97.5 percent of teens using social media had facebook accounts. As stated in the report, 23 percent of teens had been victims of cyber bullying whereas 15 percent teens had informed that they had themselves bullied someone online. The research also suggested that teenagers who had often been targets of cyber bullying experienced severe symptoms of depression. Researchers are of the view that little work has been done so far on the relation between cyber bullying anxiety and self-harm.

Dealing with teenage depression is extremely important as untreated depression can cause emotional, behavioral and health problems ultimately effecting all aspects of teenagers life.


It has been witnessed that teenagers with severe symptoms of depression fall prey to alcohol and drug abuse with suicide as a final resort.

Most common emotional symptoms of teenage depression include sadness, hopelessness, frustration, anger and low self-esteem. A teenager suffering from depression would experience a change in behavior with the following symptoms for example insomnia or too much sleep, social isolation and self-harm.  Studies reveal that symptom of depression do not leave unless it is treated however putting up with depression can lead to further problems.  There is no denying the fact that depression must be taken seriously and therefore be treated like any other deadly disease. Cyber bullying is a crime hence it must be dealt with as it often becomes a cause of depression among teenagers further leading to so many problems including suicide. Victims of cyber bullying must not cope with depression but instead seek the advice of a psychiatrist for a healthy life and a better future as life is precious.

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