Daffadar Muhammad Hussain’s Recollection of 1947

After 73 years of independence people who witnessed the creation of Pakistan have now become a rarity.  Daffadar Muhammad Hussain was a young man at the time of partition and has the privilege of being a member of the first generation of Pakistani’s.  He is 96 years old and is currently living in the UK. However for the first time Daffadar Hussain Retd has shared his true account of the creation of Pakistan.

What are your memories of 1947 and the creation of Pakistan?

The British were our rulers but Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s family’s shared a close relationship with Lord Mountbatten.   The Redcliff Boundary Commission coupled with anti- Muslim sentiments resulted in depriving Pakistan of its four districts. Furthermore, Pakistan’s due share of military weapons, cars, armored vehicles, ammunition and above all capital was withheld.

What was the basic difference living in British India and the newly independent State of Pakistan?

We should be grateful to Allah for setting us free from slavery by giving us an independent state. We have now Mosques for worship besides having the opportunity of acquiring both religious and secular education.  Unprecedented development is evident from the manufacture of advanced weapons such as aircraft, tanks and watercraft above all we have gained the status of a nuclear state.   Kashmiri’s living in the Indian held Kashmir can better explain the importance of having freedom. Therefore, it is our responsibility to be forever grateful to Quaid – e- Azam and pray that his soul rests in eternal peace.

After 73 years of independence are you satisfied with our progress as a nation?

Pakistan’s exceptional progress is evident considering the fact that back in 1947 there was not even enough finances for furnishing Mr. Jinnah’s office.  It is absolutely wrong to compare us with Bangladesh and to say that they have surpassed us.  Pakistan’s military strength, weapons, Mosques, government and office buildings, infrastructure and residential buildings suggest financial prosperity.

In reality how close is Pakistan to what your ancestors had perceived?

Mr. Jinnah’s dream has not yet materialized to the fullest as loyal and honest people have been outnumbered by those who are busy satisfying their greed.   Dishonest people, members of drug mafia, murderers and those who are involved in bribery have abandoned their loyalty. There is a dire need of incorporating military training in the school and college syllabi for males and females. Furthermore, rights of women should also be protected.

Pakistan Zindabad and long live Pakistan Army

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