Defense Day: Saluting Pakistan’s War Heroes

Remembering the unparalleled acts of bravery by the Armed Forces of Pakistan

The Indian troops attacked Pakistan on 6th September, 1965 at the behest of the Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. The enemy under the cover of darkness by crossing the International border attacked the Lahore and Kasur fronts. The Pakistani armed forces unflinchingly defended their soil against the foreign aggression. One of the greatest men in Pakistan’s war history, Major Aziz Bhatti Nishan-e-Haider was posted to a small town Barki which was heavily attacked by Indian infantry and tanks. Major Bhatti ordered his platoon to advance despite attacks from Indian infantry and tanks furthermore he fought the enemy without taking rest for three or more days. On 11th September, 1965 Major Bhatti ordered his gunners precisely where to hit the enemy as he stood on a higher spot monitoring every move of the adversary. After afflicting heavy damage upon the enemy Major Bhatti laid down his life as a tank shell hit his chest.

Brave soldiers such as Brigadier A.A. Malik Hilal-i- Juraat and lieutenant Colonel Nisar Ahmad Sitara –e-Juraat gave the invaders a terrible reply. The biggest battle of tanks since the Second World War was witnessed on the Chwinda front. This epic battle was heroically fought by brave soldiers of Pakistan army such as Brigadier A.A.K Choudhary Hila-i-Juraat.

Pakistan’s airpower during the 1965 war was crucial as it performed a dual role of function by cooperating with the ground forces to defeat the adversary. The fearless team of pilots headed by Suja Haider proved their mettle by destroying enemy tanks. Squadron leader M.M. Alam Sitar-e- Juart in his F-86 Sabre shot down five Indian Air force Hunter aircrafts single handedly. The dangerous Amritsar Mission of destroying the radar station was unflinchingly accomplished by Squadron leader Anwar Shamim and then flight lieutenant Cecil Chaudhary Sitara-e- Juraat. Pakistan air force penetrated 6 to 8 miles into the enemy’s territory and captured some of its vital positions such as Sulemanki. Pakistans air force provided services during the 1965 war with matchless alacrity. Brave airmen such as Sharbat Ali Chengazi, Shabir Hussain, Peter Chirsty and Rashid Minhas will always be remembered in the annals of Pakistan air force’s history.

At the time of 1965 war Pakistan Navy performed its role of defending the country’s sea frontiers with valor and excellence. Operation Dwarka would always be remembered in the history of war as one of the biggest expeditions of Pakistan Navy. The crew of Ghazi Pakistan Navy’s only submarine in 1965 exhibited extraordinary valor and accomplished operation Dwarka. Ghazi was deployed off Bombay to monitor the heavy units of Indian Navy.  The enemy was filled with dread owing to Ghazi’s presence in the sea hence none of its warships with the inclusion of its aircraft Vikrant came out of the harbor.  Pakistan’s fleet owing to this blockade was able to blast the Indian fortress of Dwarka. On 7th September several Pakistani ships such as PNS Babur, PNS Khabiar and PNS Badur etc. were missioned to be positioned 120 miles away from the Dwarka light house. Pakistans Navy, by afflicting heavy damage to the adversary secured its sea frontiers during the war.

Pakistan’s armed forces have always defended its borders fearlessly against any foreign attack. The valor and sacrifices of our brave soldiers should always be remembered with gratitude. Our soldiers are committed to defend the country fearlessly hence they perform their duties even in the Siachin district. Our nation is proud of these brave men therefore every year on 6th September, the nation commemorates the heroic deeds of its soldiers. It is because of them that we sleep peacefully every night. We salute these brave men who fought for our country and who are still fighting for us every day.


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