Depression The unseen parasite…

Depression, you may be very familiar with this word for you might have read about it, heard about it, seen it or felt it. However, this illness does not receive the attention that is required by it. Why? People might think because it is not fatal therefore it is not worth mentioning but today I will tell you that depression is lethal. It will not kill you directly or even physically. But it will breed within you and make life miserable and that is a very slow and painful death.

I chose to write on this topic because I believe in today’s highly technological world, depression has spread widely and worth talking about. In almost every household, you will find someone who is depressed but even they might not know it. People usually mistake sadness for depression but what they do not know is that sadness is only a part of it; grief will come and go but depression will remain within you for a longer period.

There are different types of depression but I will not be discussing them today. Instead I have devoted this article for the awareness regarding the dire need of attention that this parasite which breeds within our society requires. In students, this parasite will find an easy way in; due to increased competition on various levels and the increased popularity of relations with the opposite gender has brought more to the student’s plate than they can digest. Today, the average student is not only worried about getting good grades but also about relationships, social standing, career etc. All this anxiety will cause our students to fall victims to clinical depression in the long run. And the lack of knowledge about this fact and the lack of importance it receives is truly horrific.

A survey conducted in Pakistan showed that 70% of our countries students are victims of anxiety and depression. Some of the students know it themselves but most of them do not. This percentage is outrageously high. A feeling of emptiness, guilt, fatigue, sadness, and change in appetite are all signs of depression. There are treatments for this. Once this is properly diagnosed, one can have sessions or medications (whatever is required most) for the termination of this pest.

Now, coming to a more important poignant point. In most cases, when a person is depressed, he or she will not know of it. It requires a highly rational mind for a person to diagnose him or herself. Therefore, the responsibility falls on us. As friends, society and as human beings it is our responsibility to be alert of these symptoms of anyone around us. The first thing to do when one notices signs of depression with a loved one is to Talk to them. It helps a lot. Just knowing that someone has noticed a change in our behavior makes one feel important and more alive. This is natural for everyone. Express yourself as much as you can but never judge anyone and do consult a specialist, if need be. The only thing missing between help and depression is that people do not notice!!

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