Dispensation of Justice by the Supreme Court

 The Supreme Court’s decision brings an end to Sharif’s Premiership

The much awaited Panama case verdict has disqualified Nawaz Sharif from office bringing an end to his third term Premiership. Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified for lifetime as Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan said that Sharif is “not eligible to be an honest member of the parliament.”  The court’s verdict was handed down unanimously by the five member bench amidst heightened security in the twin cities. The bench has directed cases to be opened against Sharif and his three children, son in law captain Safdar and the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar who is also Sharif’s relative. The court has ordered that a judgment on these references would be announced within six months. Furthermore a judge will supervise the implementation of the court’s order. According to news sources the Supreme Court’s has given directives to FIA to further investigate and uncover Sharif’s assets that are still concealed.

Now the ruling party has to choose an interim prime minister in order to be accepted by the parliament.  Supreme Court’s decision has been gladly accepted by some while others carried protests in favour of Nawaz Sharif. As stated in The Guardian Ali Zafar the former President of the Bar Association said that “we are currently without a government because the Constitution does not envision the disqualification of the Prime Minister.”

Political observers for the past several weeks had been predicting that Sharif would finally have to throw in the towel and leave the political arena forever. A lot of analyst had been suggesting the Prime Minister to tender resignation but Sharif decided to fight till the end. The former prime minister last year before going to London for a medical checkup stated that he was willing for the formation of a judicial commission. After returning from Britain in his address to the nation he said that he “would resign if proven guilty.” Nevertheless the ruling party did not accept JIT’s decision which was formed on the directives of the Court hence Sharif’s fate solely rested on Supreme Court’s decision. Sharif had the option of stepping aside or calling a snap election. However Sharif’s choice of ultimately tendering a forceful resignation probably indicates his overconfidence in the flawed political system. This Judicial action has not only set unique precedent but has resorted people’s faith in the judicial system. Gladly the Supreme Court has dispensed justice truthfully leading a new wave of Justice in the country. This much awaited verdict has strengthened the popular belief of creating a new Pakistan. In a country where the rich and famous can easily get away with corruption initiating a trial against a sitting prime minister indicates a change in the political dynamics. The opposition party has successfully managed to carry a campaign for the dispensation of justice.

In view of many political observers the Panama scandal has brought an end to both PLMN and Sharif’s political career. Analysts are of the opinion that Sharif’s party will have to face a huge draw back owing to Sharif’s name associate with it. However the information minister Maryam Aurangzeb said “some verdicts are announced by the courts and some verdicts are given by the people of Pakistan. In the political, democratic and historic perspective of Pakistan, it is a sad judgment. PMLN is the biggest party of Pakistan and will remain so.”  Many political analysts have criticized Aurangzeb for still calling PLMN the biggest political party of the country.

Some political analysts suggest that the beginning of this new wave of justice may have to face resistance owing to other corrupt politicians. Analysts have lambasted the Sind Assembly’s decision of abolishing federal governments NAB laws in the province. In the view of some seasoned political observers all provinces will have to work together in order to end the menace of corruption in the country.  Nawaz Sharif due to his unceremonious exit from office has once again added his name to the list unfortunate Prime Ministers who could not complete their tenure. This precedent has surely marked the beginning of a brighter and prosperous Pakistan. Now the judiciary, media and the general public must work earnestly to attain the much needed new Pakistan.


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