The much awaited Hania has finally hit the television screens on 21st February starring Zoya Nasir, Junaid Khan and Osama Tahir in the main roles. This interesting drama written by Doorway Entertainment and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed is aired on ARY Digital every Thursday at 8pm. Hania (Zoya Nasir) ,the protagonist of the play ends up in distress after getting married to Junaid (Junaid Khan) a cruel and arrogant racketeer. Hania despite being mistreated by husband Junaid still cannot afford to obtain a divorce owing to the shame associated with it. Rohan ( Osama Tahir),  Hania’s cousin  tries to save the damsel in distress.  Does the situation gets worse before getting bette?r we are yet to see.  This interesting drama seems interesting as the writer in the first episode reveals all characters tactically without using irrelevant scenes. Only time will tell how successful the drama would be in capturing the audience’s attention.

According to YOLO Critic

Junaid Khan gets 5/5 for his acting

Zoya Nasir gets 4/5 for her acting

Osama Tahir gets 4/5 for his acting

The story of the drama gets 4/5

 Ro Raha Hai Dil

Ro Raha Hai Dil has finally come to an end. This drama has already been reviewed in our 20th edition however this time let’s see how well written the story actually was. RRHD despite having an interesting plot did not completely manage to captivate the audience on account of irrelevant details.  The story initially despite being interesting, rather sagged in the middle as there was a lot of footage given to Villain Humayun.  Moreover, the story digressed as there was a lot of focus on minor characters such as Pasha and the nurse Rose. Pasha was introduced as a gambler to whom Humayun eventually lost his wife Ayesha.  Humayun left his wife Ayesha at Pasha’s place from where she managed to escape and hit Dr.Ahad’s (Junaid Khan) car while she was chased by Pasha. On witnessing Ayesha’s accident Pasha lost his senses and eventually after receiving medical treatment transformed his life. However, Pasha while receiving mental treatment came across Ayesha and indicated that Humayun will soon get punished. Surprisingly, as the story concluded we saw no trace of Pasha which made us wonder why the writer had given him so much attention in the first place. Similarly the nurse who injects Zoya’s father, Daud Shah (Usman Peerzada) with sleep aids manages to escape.   The drama could have been far better if certain bits were not left inconclusive and there was a less focus on characters that had no part in the end.


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