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Jaal is aired on Hum TV every Friday at 9:10 pm and is yet another serial by MD productions. This interesting drama is based on a complex family feud owing to Arsal ( Ali Kazmi) and Eshal’s ( Sunbal Iqbal Khan )prolonged nikah.  Arsal despite being officially married to Eshal develops an infatuation with her sister Zonyia ( Sukaina) and therefore plans to leave his wife. Zaid (Imran Ashraf) Arsal’s brother is nonetheless aware of the fact that both Zonyia and Arsal are brewing up trouble and therefore tries to make things better.  Succumbing to family pressure Arsal finally agrees to bring his wedded wife home. The story gets an interesting twist when Zonyia during Arsal and Eshal’s wedding reception inculpates Arsal publicly of marrying her sister Eshal despite having dalliance with her.  Resultantly Arsal marries Zonyia instead of her sister Eshal and gets into trouble. As the story progresses Zaid also beings to develop a liking for heartbroken Eshal who has decided not to get married again.  This interesting drama directed by Mohsin Talat and written by Seema Munaf being a tale of intense emotions has intrigued the audiences for sure.

According to Yolo Critic

Ali Kazmi gets 4/5 for her acting

Sunbal iqbal Khan gets 4/5 so far for his acting

Imran Ashraf gets 5/5 for her acting

Sukaina also gets 5/5 for her acting

The story of the drama gets 4/ 5

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