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The much- awaited drama serial Hasad has finally hit the television screens on 10th June. This interesting drama starring Minal Khan, Sheroze Sabzwari, Noor Hassan and Arij Fatima is aired every Monday at 8.00pm on ARY Digital. Hasad revolves around the lives of two brothers who are married and are living in the same house with their respective wives. Zareen ( Arij Fatima) is the elder sister in law and has a great deal of envy for her younger sister in law until she is filled with hatred. Naintara ( Minal Khan) is married to Armaan ( Sheroze Sabzwari ) who is a jolly man and keeps his wife happy. Farhan (Noor Hassan) is a good but rather boring husband who gives utmost importance to his professional life making his wife envious of Naintara. Hasad has a linear plot which is close to reality, making it highly entertaining.
According to Yolo Critic
Sheroze Sabzwari 4/5 for his acting
Minal Khan gets 4/5 so far for her acting
Noor Hassan gets 5/5 for his acting
Arij Fatima also gets 5/5 for her acting
The story of the drama gets 4/ 5

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