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Ishq Zahe Naseeb

  Ishq  Zahe Naseeb is aired every Friday at 8 pm on Hum TV starring Zahid Ahmed, Sonya  Hussain and Sami Khan. This interesting drama is directed by Farooq Rind and is another project by MD productions. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is one of a kind as it centers on the life of an affluent man Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) who has a split personality disorder.  Sameer had a troubled childhood living with his step mother consequently he has a dangerous spilt personality Sameera besides hallucinating Shakra.  The story unfolds interestingly suggesting that Gauhar (Sonya Khan) and Kashif (Sami Khan) have a similar fate but will they marry each other in the end remains a mystery.  Gauhar and Kashif despite having impressive future plans of getting married are surrounded by terrible financial and domestic problems.   Gauhar‘s father has to pay off his creditor brother in law whereas Kashif has to arrange money for his sister’s wedding.  Bushra Gauhar’s elder sister has to work hard to pay off her father’s debt but still wants her sister to marry her fancy man. Therefore Bushra devises a plan for her sister to secretly marry Kashif however the two do not marry each other succumbing to family pressure.  Kashif gets a new job and has to work for a strict disabled lady similarly Gauhar ends up being Sameer’s disabled step mother’s caretaker. There is something sinister about Sameer as some believe he killed his fiancée Zoya (Azekah Daniel) while others believe she committed suicide.  The story of the drama is cleverly written and keeps the audiences glued to the television screens.

According to Yolo Critic

Zahid Hameed gets 5/5 for his acting

Sonya Hussain also gets 5/5 for her acting

Sami Khan gets 4/5 for his acting

Jinaan Hussain   also gets 4/5 for her acting

Yumna Zaidi gets 5/5 for her acting

Zarnish Khan gets 5 /5 for her acting

Khalid Malik also gets 5/5 for his acting

The story of the drama gets 5/ 5

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