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Munafiq is produced by 7th Sky Entertainment and is aired every day from Monday to Thursday at 7 Pm only on Geo TV.  This interesting drama is written by Huma Hina and directed by Saleem Ghanchi and is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.  The main cast of the drama includes Adeel Chaudhary, Marriam Nafees, Fatima Effendi and Marina Khan. Mrs. Sabiha (Marina Khan) is an affluent lady and is still striving for excellence in her political career while her son Arman (Adeel Chaudhary) looks after their family business. Mrs. Sabiha and her son Arman despite making tall claims of advocating labor laws fail to meet the basic safety standards in their factory. Resultantly two factory workers Iqbal (Mehmood Akhtar) and his son get severely injured in an explosion and die afterwards.  Protagonist Ujalah (Fatima Effendi) is a school teacher with high moral values and therefore abhors hypocrisy. Since the victims happen to be Ujalah’s father and brother therefore she aims at exposing Mrs. Sabiha and Arman’s hypocrisy and files a case against them. Mrs. Sabiha in order to save her political career devises a scheme of marrying her son Arman to Ujalah under the pretext of compensation for the deceased factory workers. Arman is interested in marrying Sobia (Marriam Nafees) and therefore hates the idea of marrying Ujalah. Mrs. Sabiha finally manages to convince Ujalah and Arman into marrying each other.  Life gets difficult for Ujalah after moving to Arman’s house where she often comes across Arman’s trickster childhood friend Hamza and Sobia who look at her with contempt.  This intriguing drama is cleverly written and is indeed worth watching.



According to Yolo’s Critic

Adeel Chaudhary gets 5/5 for his acting

Fatima Effendi also gets 5/5 for her acting

Marriam Nafees gets 5/5 for her acting

Bilal Qureshi also gets 5/5 for his acting

The story of the drama gets 4/ 5

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