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Drama Sabaat directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and written by Kashif Anwar is yet another series by Momina Duraid Productions aired every Sunday at 8pm on Hum TV. This interesting drama centers on the life of Miraal (Sarah Khan) a rich, arrogant and highly dominating girl. The Other cast includes Mawra Hocane, Usman Mukhtar and Ameer Gilani in leading roles. Miraal (Sarah Khan) simply doesn’t take no for an answer. Miraal’s father had probably gone through a lot of struggle at some point in time to acquire wealth. Therefore Miraal and her brother Hassan (Ameer Gilani) have their minds shaped as autocrats. On the contrary Anaya (Marwa Hocane) belongs to a middle class family but is somewhat a revolutionary thinker. Anaya wins a class competition consequently Hassan’s inflexible nature impels him to insult her publicly for being not so well of. Anaya in return reminds Hassan that he is merely a parasite on his father. Hassan then begins to reflect upon his actions and develops a little sense of responsibility and discipline. Miraal’s grandmother is sorrowful for the most part by remembering her bygone youthful days and therefore advises her granddaughter not to make similar mistakes. Miraal initially dislikes her grandmother’s idea that time is a hard taskmaster controlling youth and beauty. The protagonist then goes through the personal diary of her deceased grandmother and realizes that what she discovers in her grandmother’s life is a reflection of her own life.

According to YOLO’s Critic

Sarah Khan gets 5/5 for her acting

Mawra Hussain also gets 5/5 for her acting

Ameer Gilani gets 5/5 for his acting

The story of the drama also gets 5/5





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