Eat Everything..But in Portions

Portion control is understanding how much a serving size of food is and how many calories or how much food energy a serving contains. Portion control is important for body weight management as the weight is defined by the total calorie intake.

Portion controlling is the first important step for losing weight.

Everything eaten in moderation or in a controlled portion helps to lose and maintain weight

Ideally a portion controlled meal in simpler terms should be (or your meal plate should be balanced in the following manner)

  • Protein 1 cup
  • Starch/grains 2-3 tbsps
  • Fruits N Veggies 2 cups

Avoid carbs (grain) in dinner…take proteins at dinner time…if you are having early dinner your plate can compromise of 20% carbs.

I have always preferred filling up my plate with more of veggies and proteins and lesser of grains (esp roti and rice, I rarely take roti and rice has always been a big NO) to tackle my hormone imbalance. But if you are a roti fan, then go for a whole wheat roti or barley or oats roti and rice should better be avoided or plain boiled rice is okay.

My tip for measuring portion sizes is by making use of measuring cups. Check the portion control photo album for some great ideas to measure portion size and how much your meal size should be.

Over indulging or even eating excess of clean foods can cause weight gain too.

So remember all key to losing weight is MODERATION.

Check the album for useful tips to learn portion control.

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