What we do on Eid…!

Eid al-Adha, or "Celebration of Sacrifice", is praised by all Muslims to stamp the event when Allah appeared to Ibrahim in a dream and requested that he give up his child, Ismael, to exhibit his commitment to the Almighty. The celebration of Eid-ul-Adha is commended in the recognition of Prophet Abraham's preparation to sacrifice Ismael, his child for God. It is now celebrated all around the world, marking the end of Hajj.

Bakra Eid is one of the busiest days in the Muslim calendar. The buildup begins developing weeks ahead of time, where you will see a significantly large number of goats and cows together in urban areas. This Eid is all about affection, sacrifice, sharing, yield and sustenance and let’s not forget, lots of Meaty FOOD spreads!

The three day Eid al-Adha holiday is full of festivities, families getting together, eating hearty food, and wearing new embellished clothes and all women’s favorite – henna on their hands! The following is how it is celebrated in Pakistan:

  1. The kids drown in their own tears for the love of their beloved animal friend.
  2. While others magnificently sit around the butcher waiting for their chosen animal to be sacrificed
  3. The ladies begin setting up the masalas on the grounds because they know when the meat comes in; with it come a bundle of hungry men and children.
  4. Packages are made for distribution for the less fortunate and other families
  5. At the dinner table, you will find a few individuals who are principally disgusted by the meat and/or still in grieving for their beloved friend.
  6. So the ladies need to ensure they cook dishes without meat as well.
  7. And then there are people who are absolutely in awe of all the Eid festivities around.
  8. The refrigerator will be full of meaty food items
  9. Celebrations are in full swing on all three days – with a highly satisfied stomach
  10. Lastly, where there is meat and Eid, there is lots of barbeque too!

Being a huge meat lover myself and Eid Al-Adha is my all-time favorite holiday, for getting new clothes, putting on beautiful henna and also for eating lots of yummy meat!

How do you celebrate Eid? Share your stories now!


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