Eid Al-Azha: A Time of jollity and Festivity

Eid an occasion of reconciliation and generosity

Eid ul Azha is celebrated by Muslims all around the world in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael at the command of Allah. This religious rite of sacrifice was practiced by the Holy Prophet PBUH, remembering the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim without any hesitation to Allah’s command. Hazrat Ibrahim, in a vision saw that he was offering his son Ishmael to Allah. Before Ibrahim had slaughtered his son, Hazrat Jibra’il - an angel descended replacing Ishmael with a sheep. According to the Islamic lunar calendar, Eid Al-Azha is celebrated on the 10th day of Dhu al Hajj.

Eid ul Azha is not only a time of great joy and celebration for the Muslims but is also a time of dispensing kindness to everyone.  In Pakistan Eid Al-Azha is a four day religious holidays and is celebrated with rejoicing and ardour every year. Men, women and children dressed in their best garments welcome Eid by offering Prayers in the morning and sacrificing animals in the afternoon and evening. Eid emanates an aura of gladness, generosity, brotherhood and lavish feasts. Pakistani’s are naturally fond of savoury meals therefore scrumptious meaty dishes add to the festivity of Eid Al-Azha. The lavish Eid lunch with mouth-watering dishes such as Kaleji, Kebabs, hunter beef, Brain Masala and Biryani can be called the jewel in Eid’s crown. Eid is a time of reunion and reconciliation as families dressed in colorful clothes visit their friends and exchange gifts. On Eid children experience an unquenchable excitement owing to new clothes and gifts they receive. Young children start experiencing the excitement of Eid as soon as the animal chosen to be offered arrives at home and develop a bond with it by looking after it. Families and friends usually prefer going to restaurants on the second and third day of Eid.  In Pakistan TV channels during the Eid holidays entertain their audiences by airing a host of exciting programs.

Eid is a time to welcome and adopt kindness and generosity to the poor and needy therefore Muslim all around the world indulge in immense charity. It is obligatory for Muslims to help their brother and sisters in need by giving a set amount of money to charity. Helping others not only brings joy and gladness to the giver but also enables the poor and needy to buy food and new clothes.

Eid being a global festival in celebrated with immense excitement in all parts of the world. People living in the UAE and the Middle East celebrate Eid with great enthusiasm. Eid is celebrated in the UAE by lighting up the skies adding to the festivity of the holidays. People living in UAE also visit their friends and families and offer presents.  Eid in the UAE is mostly celebrated by attending extravagant firework shows and having scrumptious meals in trendy restaurants.  According to Muslim Aid Eid Al-Azha is mostly called Eid-el-Kibir in Egypt. Celebrations of Eid may differ in various regions of the world owing to cultural differences but tradition of donating sacrifice meat with generosity is practiced worldwide.

Muslims living in Europe and America also celebrate Eid with great joy and excitement with family and friends. The lavish Eid feast is enjoyed by family and friends however due to the busy lifestyle of these regions people often have to return to work on the second or third day of Eid.

Eid is a time of celebration, reconciliation and charity however it is useful to adopt these virtues and practice them in our daily lives.

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