Electric Rickshaw

With technological revolution on every front, country’s public transportation sector is also undergoing a rapid transformation. After Careem and Uber, E- Rickshaw plans to operate on full scale.  The product was launched in 2016 but has been modified on various fronts till now. Economical ride comes with an ease and comfort.

 The E-rickshaws are smaller, featuring a cleaner design, with a power electrical motor enabling fast acceleration. It also ensures that the vehicle does not emit noise, smoke, or any hazardous gases. The air-conditioned compartment provides bonus on top of the low rates.

 The rickshaw saves petrol which is six times costly than electricity. The sleek bodies and pollution-free trails will be a welcome change to roads teeming with noisy, smoke-emitting auto-rickshaws.

They are assembled in China and Japan and are imported to Pakistan, E-rickshaw can accommodate three to four people and can go as fast as 40 to 45 kilometres per hour. With increasing incidents of gas cylinder blasts in rickshaws, e-rickshaws are safe for travelling. The transport department has tested and approved the vehicles, confirming that the E-Rickshaw functions smoothly even in rain.

For charging, the E-Rickshaw requires any normal outlet (100V-240V), similar to the ones used for charging cell-phones. The battery can be charged up to 80 per cent in two hours, while a full charge takes seven hours. The battery comes with a 14-month warranty.

People in Lahore have starting using it as personal vehicle; breaking the rickshaw stereotype. The mini-cab comes with comfortable driving and passenger seats, and includes a luggage compartment and crystal light. It can carry five passengers comfortably at a time, and runs for 150km on a single charge.

 A Pakistani company, Sazgar Engineering, has been exporting its rickshaws to japan and other foreign markets. Despite a strong industrial base and one of the biggest exporter of automobiles, Japan is importing these to shift its focus towards a cost effective transportation solution with an added benefit of providing a fun and leisure experience to its citizens.

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