Enchanting Trees That Bleed

This world is full of God’s alluring creatures which are so marvelous bewildering one’s mind. . One such astounding creature is the Socotra dragon tree” found in the Socotra Island of Yemen, near the Arabian Sea. Socotra dragon trees are eminent for their unique and strange appearance. These trees look like umbrella and are extraordinary huge. These ever -green trees are distinctive from rest of flora of woodland owing to their red sap. The strangest thing regarding this particular species of tree is that as soon as an animal body strikes it blood like substance comes out. Similarly blood like substance is oozed out as soon as this particular tree is cut.  This distinctive quality of bleeding sets this species of trees apart from other trees hence “Dragon blood trees” is another named use to describe this species. These trees are highly admired around the world because of the blood like red resin that they release.

Why are they called “Dragon Blood Trees”?

According to an Ancient myth, these trees were initially created by the blood of a wounded dragon. Ancient people believed that these trees came into being during a fight between a dragon and an elephant. The legend has it that injured dragon’s blood caused these tree to come into existence.  Therefore when the tree gets hurt it releases a blood-like secretion according to ancient belief.  It is further believed that these trees are thousands of years old.

Why do these trees bleed?

These trees are rich in enzymes called flavonoids, which are responsible for the blood-like sap coloring. These flavonoids are excessively found in the xylem of the Dragon blood trees.

Importance of the Dragon Blood Trees

The red sap of the trees has been used by humans owing to multiple benefits that they offer.  One of the many benefits of this species of trees is that its red resin is used to make dye and paint. In addition to this it is also used in cosmetic products. Many cosmetic companies use this red resin in the manufacture of anti-ageing creams. Besides that this red substance is used in manufacturing varnishes for furniture and musical instruments. One of the astounding benefits of this red substance is its use in the field of medicine for treating cancer and aids patients. Socotra dragon trees also provide shelter to animals owing to their huge size.  However this marvelous species owing to its numerous benefits has now become an endangered species. Socotra dragon trees are a gift of God on this planet, and therefore should be taken care of.

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