Farmer’s Protest: Narendra Modi caught between a Rock and a Hard Place

Is Modi’s strongman image doing irreparable damage to India?

Narendra Modi’s three bills is considered to be a “death Knell” for agriculture in India.  Consequently tens of thousands of farmers in September from different states of India took to the streets to protest against the farm reforms passed by BJP.  Railway operations have been forcibly suspended as farmers continue to block railway tracks causing a tremendous financial loss.  According to a newspaper India’s railway has suffered a loss of 22 billion from 24th September to November 19th.  It is obviously true that India has witnessed an acutely distressing trend of framers suicide during the last decade.  According to an estimate at least 10, 281 people have committed suicide in the farm sector in the year 2019. Small and marginal farmers make up to 80 percent of the Indian agricultural sector.   Therefore, the Indian agricultural sector supports the livelihood of 60 percent of the country.  The farmer‘s protest was initially proposed by farmer’s union but later it attracted the support of trade and bank unions and heads of 14 political parties.  Recently a group of retired soldiers have extended its support to the movement which may spread the protests beyond the country’s capital.  

India’s obvious disapproval of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support to farmer’s right of peaceful protests could hint at a fierce Khalistan movement ahead. China and Pakistan are constantly being blamed for fuelling the Khalistan movement.  However, thousands of Sikhs enchanted slogans of Khalistan besieging India House in London a few days back.  Indian Prime Minister Modi despite being caught between a rock and a hard place continues to project inflexibility in an attempt to maintain his strongman’s image. As Modi considers giving in to demands and scraping the laws a sign of defeat the people of Punjab and Haryana may eventually resort to violence. Narendra Modi is known not to back down on anything to keep up his strongman’s image to attract voters. Now India may end up in a serious trouble.

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