The One with the Roaches

Hey there, how are you? How am I? I am at a loss for words. I have been asked to share the most embarrassing story of my life. Well to be completely honest, I have many but the most famous of them all… *shudders*…

As a bachelor living alone in my loft, my place used to be crowded most of the time. Now one fine evening, we were all sitting around the LCD trying to decide which movie to watch and what to eat. The latter was always one of the toughest decisions for our group to figure out.

Finally, when the anxiety of not being able to decide what to watch and the growing hunger inside my tummy hit rock bottom, I whisked away to the kitchen boasting to friends that I would cook a delicious desi meal for everyone. Now you all know how bachelor men are; they were all very eager to have a ready-made meal served before them.

Working my way in the kitchen, I cut and stirred the vegetables, spices and meat in the same fashion as I was used to while watching my mother. The entire time I spent in there, I visualized my mother smiling because I was trying to cook like her. Giving the food a one last stir, I grabbed the small kitchen cloth lying under the stove to hold the pan with. Just as I was about reach the pan with the kitchen cloth out, there came four cockroaches and into the food they fell! Yes, you heard me COCKROACHES.

I just stood there staring at them, lying lifeless on delicious food that I was preparing. I reached for the pan and started moving to the tv lounge to show it to my friends when all of a sudden, with the mercy of the Almighty I stopped and stood back. I pictured all the future years of the torment of jokes that my friends would pull at me and it was better that the cockroaches were never seen by them.

I picked up the dead roaches with a spatula one by one, shuddering as I threw each in the dustbin. Five minutes later, a very appetizing hot pan of desi food was served to my friends. Oh, you should have seen them all devour the food… or the roach-food as I would like to call the dish as I held back, for the horror of what I had seen was enough to fill my tummy for the coming whole week.

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