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The true face of feminism

All my life I have been called a feminist and I have not denied it once. I am and that too, a very staunch one. But I am not who you seem to think of me to be. Today, I will tell you what truly being a feminist is, who I truly am…

I will start off with a quote by the famous Sadat Hassan Manto, “A man remains a man no matter how poor his conduct. A woman, even if she were to deviate for one instance, from the role given to her by men, is branded a whore. She is viewed with lust and contempt. Society closes on her doors it leaves ajar for a man stained by the same ink. If both are equal, why are our barbs reserved for the woman?” In today’s educated world, a woman is still not given the liberty that is given to men. The biggest of mistakes/crimes committed by a man are forgiven by our society but even one little mistake made by a woman is remembered for eternity. I am a feminist in nature, but I do not side with women and I do not blame men but yes I question the society. That very society who has given men power over their women, that very society which has indestructible barbwires for women; I am a feminist who speaks up for freedom.
As I said today, I will tell you who I really am and I am a woman who represents other women but who does not in any way demean a man. You must have heard a very famous emerging concept called ‘man crimination’ and I being a staunch feminist stand by this concept and will my voice for it. How come that in today’s educated society only a woman’s cancer is given importance and awareness but not a man’s? In our schools and colleges we have seen multiple campaigns regarding breast cancer but how many have we seen about prostate cancer? Did you know that every hour, 11 men/boys are raped? 11!!! But since they are men people are least bothered. If I am to call myself a feminist and protect women against cruelty than I must realize the cruelty happening against the opposite gender that we reside with. I am a feminist who speaks up for equality.

Again I come back to the point that it is neither the man’s fault nor the woman’s but this very society is to blame; this society which is made up of men and women. We as a whole are to blame. Let me explain how - When I talk about freedom and equality, I take into account nurturing not nature. It is in a womans nature to give birth, ‘naturally’ they can give birth therefore the sole argument that women are
superior due to this very reason is very illogical. A man can never do that, he is not biologically made to do so. Similarly, a man is naturally physically stronger than a woman therefore using this argument in favor or against a man is very illogical too. Emphasis should be placed on nurturing. Society cannot fight nature but it has played a major role in nurturing these two genders. Let me explain with an example, a woman is constantly told to remember ‘her place’. What is her place exactly? To subjugate to men? To be constantly told that everyone in her life holds more priority than her and she is to compromise at every step? This is where the society is wrong. Instead of subjugating women, teach the men of our society to treat women as equals, to accompany them through their life and to compromise because a happy ending does not come from compromising from only one side.

Men on the other hand are expected to be very crude and insensitive. I know no one will believe me but look at it this way; A bunch of friends are sitting in a cinema watching a very emotional movie. As soon as a guy friend shows emotions and drops a few tears, the whole gang bursts into laughter. That guy will be ridiculed. Little does this group understand that this man will be a future husband and also father one day. He will know that his feelings are to be kept hidden and locked away because men never show emotions.

I am a feminist who speaks for justice. Society has to change its ways, we have to change how we nurture our little ones. Our nurturing will help our next generation understand the opposite gender and lead them to lead a more harmonious life. This is who I am… the feminist who speaks for freedom, equality and justice…

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