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For quite some time now, we have seen a lot of Pakistani celebrities sharing their talents with Bollywood. Similarly, Bollywood superstars have also been posing for many Pakistani designers and have signed multiple ad campaigns with local Pakistani companies as well. This is not the first time that well-known celebrities from Bollywood have come to share their talent with Pakistan. Recently, Shilpa Shetty was seen posing for the popular designer, Saira Rizwan. As usual and as expected, she is looking absolutely breathtaking. She is seen posing for the designers upcoming bridal wear and is carrying it with absolute poise .

Like Saira Rizwan, multiple other Pakistani designers have followed the same path by hiring Bollywood artists to become brand ambassadors for their clothing lines or TV commercials. Such as Faraz Manan, Shehla Chatoor, Tena Durrani, Q-Mobile, Mobilink, Head and Shoulders Pakistan and many others.

Pakistani designers not only sign Indian Movie stars for a large sum of money but also spend an excessive amount on their shoots. For instance, Tena Durrani recently hired Kareena Kapoor for her upcoming bridal shoot which was shot in Dubai, on board an extravagant yacht. Not only Durrani but since it is difficult for Indian actors and Pakistani artists to get clearance to shoot in either of the home countries, its mostly deemed fit to choose a neutral location to shoot, which is mostly places like Dubai or Thailand. Therefore, hiring the services of popular artists requires more money to be spent which is evident in all advertisements and photoshoots, with the international location, clothing, branded accessories, etc.

These days, everyone seems to have a different stance on hiring Bollywood artists to endorse Pakistani brands. Some might argue that by inviting and signing Bollywood celebrities, more competition is created for our own Pakistani artists and that our designers and other companies should have gone for local celebs instead. However, I believe that the step taken by our Pakistani brands and Indian cinema makers should be appreciated. It helps artists of both cinema mediums to share their talent amongst one another. It shows that differences are kept aside, and people can still achieve one common friendly goal. With our celebrities sharing their talents with India as well, like; Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Saba Qamar, Ali Zafar and many others being roped in for Hindi movies, exhibits that people of both nations can could not care less about the sensitive political ties and want to promote peace amongst one another, even if the medium chosen to do it is through cinema or commercials. I am a real supporter of cross-border collaborations and truly believe that it should happen more often, without stirring any unnecessary fuss.

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